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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I couldn't disagree with you more. If Kylie had done an another electro pop album full of sub par songs anybody could have sung, I'd have been done with her. Golden saved my fandom for her.
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  2. Golden reinvigorated a lot of tired Kylie fans.
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  3. Golden in one of her best albums, just as it is. It's great to hear where One Last Kiss started, but I prefer the final version and I'm very happy we didn't get a Kylie-by-numbers comeback.
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  4. Golden was a good palette cleanser. I say that in the kindest way. I'll never use any of the singles outside of the duet and the best songs remain album tracks. (Radio On, Shelby 68, Lost Without You, Love, One Last Kiss). Its good to try something different and it did reinvigorate her brand.
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  5. I would rather they wait for the re-issues. Mainly because I am broke.
    They can spread them over time if this is going to be a proper 'era' with an arena tour.
  6. I don't get this. It doesn't even sound that different.
  7. This. But at the same time I want them all now.
  8. But wobbly synths, my good man!
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  9. Exactly! The vocals are exactly the same, it’s the production that is totally different, in a retro-cool, nostalgic 80s electro-pop, Robynesque kind of vibe.
    They are VERY different to my ears. The Biff production makes that particular aching and nostalgic feeling in the song really shine through, very similar to The One. The loud country production on Golden makes it completely forgettable.
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  10. I do like the sound of that version but it’s incredibly robyn (self titled/body talk) era.
  11. Which makes it utterly fabulous!
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  12. I like the sound of the original One Last Kiss, what a gem.
  13. No matter how her fans personally feel about the content, Golden was the album she needed to make. The country pop might not be everyone's cup of tea, but the public could feel the passion in this project and they reacted well to that.

  14. Whilst I was excited by the one last kiss clip if the whole album sounded like that it would have been very Kylie in style. Hence why I would have loved the Shania UP approach as I stated before.
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  15. I think people do too much on the country flavor. We've been saying so since the very start, but it is that much more obvious now that it's been a while since the album came out. Apart from a general "strumming guitars here and there" approach, I cannot see any strong country influences outside of Lifetime and LOVE (not taking the bonus tracks into consideration). The rest of the songs could have slotted into any non-country-labeled pop album unchanged and we wouldn't bat an eyelid.
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  16. I disagree. I mean, you can tell it's the same song but the soundscape is completely different and the electro clip doesn't have that galloping quality that the album version has.

    I really like the Golden version, but for me that original version sounds even better.
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  17. Love this...
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  18. The original sounds like the emoto-electro-pop that Kylie does so well and is superior to the album version.
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  19. Man, she's just so so beautiful!
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  20. But one of the best things about the album was Kylie’s conviction to the country twist of Golden. Doing multiple versions of one album would’ve diluted that.

    I don’t particularly care for the Golden album but it really was an album she needed to make.
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