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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I thought I would absolutely hate Golden since I don’t respond well to country music (or country influenced music) and I’m not one to spend any amount of time thinking about mixing or mastering.... but I was blown away by the album.

    Sixteen track albums can very often be a slog to get through but Golden never once feels like that. It a joyous experience that I return to again and again. Even at its poorer moments (Love, Raining Glitter) the album sparkles and shines. Kylie’s enthusiasm, drive and energy really suffuses every moment of the record. It’s sincere, strangely authentic and never once does it feel like Kylie is selling out to a popular sound.

    Golden is proof that even thirty years into a career, a big pop girl can knock it out of the park and produce one of the best records of her career.
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  2. Disappointed if it’s just NYC. Was hoping for a brand new track.
  3. SBK


    I'm hoping/expecting it to just be the pre-order instant grat or something.
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  4. So, New York City is the new single then?
  5. aux


    Seems like it.
  6. Well, it is a good song in my view so glad to have it. But, still do hope we get other new material too.
  7. Have I missed something?
  8. aux


    An incredibly reliable insider said the track is out this Friday.
  9. SBK


    Just more speculation.
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  10. Only a few days to go until we find out for certain either way now. Still excited.
  11. New York City is mediocre, I even found it boring during the Golden tour. So repetitive. Really hope this isn't true!
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  12. I doubt NYC will be the single. Instant grat for pre-ordering, surely.
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  13. The more I think about it, I think this will be it.
  14. I hope you’re right.
  15. I’m fine with NYC as the preorder grat. It’s highly unlikely it’ll be the only new track, so it works for me.
  16. It would be soooo wrong if we didn't get a studio version of New York City eventually!
    No idea if the time/timing of the release (as the first of the Greatest Hits era or something separate coming before it) makes sense, but we should get the song one way or another, so it's great if we are in fact getting it now.
  17. I hope so too... (will naturally still buy it, of course!)
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  18. "New York City" sounds very meh based on what we've heard in live performances. Can we seriously just skip the next year

  19. Why would it be wrong?

    We are still waiting for:-
    - Free
    - You’re The One
    - Ruffle My Feathers (Final Version)
    - White Diamond (Uptempo)
    - That’s Why They Write Love Songs
  20. But...not having those is wrong too.
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