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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. It should be illegal to ever mention You're the One. It truly breaks my heart that we don't have that divine song in HQ.
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  2. I never got the feels for You’re The One. I know it’s almost universally loved but I never got the appeal of it. Even on the anti tour it felt lacklustre.
  3. Here here. Perhaps her greatest gem that hasn't been officially released for me.
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  4. Which I know I mention all the time and I shouldn’t moan because it’s in more listenable quality than other songs..

    But still...
  5. I'd rather any of these the New York City, which is a VERY average song, and of all of these is the least deserving of an official release.

    I guess there will be other new stuff, so I hope NYC isn't taking the place of something more deserving.
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  6. Someone sent me a HQ of the original version, probably 13 years ago now. Did I back it up? Of course not. Did I lose it in a hard drive crash?

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  7. As of now, the best thing to come out of all of her numerous Greatest Hits are the singles.

    They are all stellar 10/10.

    If NYC is indeed the one for this compilation... it’s a terrible way to break this pattern.

    The song isnt bad, but it screams bside. If the goal was to release something she already recorded, she should’ve saved Lost Without You for this and delivered the cinematic masterpiece that it deserves.
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  8. NYC is at the very least on par with Celebration though.
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  9. Skip the next year? Why?
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  10. No more greatest hits; new album.
  11. No thanks, I want it all.
  12. I would much rather have a Greatest Hits and a min era, than be having a Kylie free 2019!
  13. The way the Golden era has been treated with regards to actually delivering an era ...with singles and videos makes me excited for a return to disco era Kylie. Rhythm Of Love and Fever need that perfect trilogy.

    This presentation was bought to you by an OLDGAYtm
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  14. The reality is, like others have alluded to, 2019 is greatest hits or nothing. There is no plausible timeline where we would have got a full new studio album this year... there’s no reason to suspect getting this album has delayed work on a new album. This is just extra content. Honestly Kylie’s 30 years and 14 albums into her career like this is more than fans of most artists in a similar position can dream of.
  15. I know which I am more excited for, naturally-but two legends on one day? Gaymazing.
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  16. Umm... i gave up following Golden era after a few listens of the album but now i see everyone talking about single edits/mixes... are they completely new versions? And are they on Apple Music?
  17. It's just an edit of Lifetime that has the banjo (?) louder in the mix and removes some lines of vocals from the chorus/breakdown, and an edit of Music's Too Sad Without You that is actually kind of better than the album edit, a bit more textured and striking but still only a slightly different mix, nothing radical.
    I can't help you with where you can find them as I haven't bothered to find them myself either, sorry.
    And I suppose you know about the single remix of Stop Me From Falling?
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  18. Thanks :)
    Yes i know about SMFF it was before i gave up on this era :P
  19. I still really don't like the single edit of Lifetime, as much I've tried.
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