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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I think a reliable member already confirmed that it's due out this year.
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  2. Ray


    It's my Kylie and I'll get excited if I want to.

    I'd love to know who that new manager is though. Hopefully not Mariah's one. Or Guy Oseary.
  3. Fill the whole in my gay music heart queen!
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  4. Min is certainly keeping the management hush hush. Be cool to find out soon, and a confirmation of it being BMG she's signed with too.
  5. It is BMG.
  6. Thanks for the information as always Headless. Always good to know!
  7. I really hope she comes back in an inspired way.

    If her first single is going to be another 'All The Lovers'/'Into The Blue' (as lovely as they are) I'm out.
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  8. Come and rip the follicles from my scalp and murder me holy queen.

    She looks SNATCHED for the gawds. Queen of dungarees. Queen of casual eleganza. Queen of fashion.
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  9. Excited!
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  10. She looks amazing. The question of the new album being out this year is if they are waiting for summer or fall. I want a Kylie summer like we got with Aphrodite!
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  11. Queen of casual eleganza has finished me.
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  12. I'm ready for more Kylie. Kiss Me Once was disappointing but I'm sure it was a fluke.
  13. Thanks! Is the new management rumour true?
  14. A Kylie summer album would be fab!
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  15. Summer Kylie would be immense.
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  17. I've said it many times but I'd love Kylie to come back with a track in the vein of Years & Years' Shine.

    She can keep Body Language 2 and Impossible Princess 2 before someone says it ha ha.
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  18. Sure would.
  19. A Kylie Shine moment would be most welcome here too.
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