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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. That's all the sentenced needed.
  2. Just seen her on French television news. Same talking points as the other interviews, and snippets from Dancing and Stop Me From Falling's videos were shown. This is what I needed to cheer me up tonight.

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  3. Oh I can't wait for the cassette! It looks so so cool.
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  4. The cassette will just be a gorgeous slice of nostalgia.

    And seven quid for an album is nothing to sniff at!
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  5. Ray


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  6. This on both counts! Brings out me being an 90s kid all over again!
  7. Considering KMO was 12k first week in UK this is great on pre orders alone.
  8. Certainly is!
  9. Not if they are a sale? How is that useless? Makes no sense.
  10. Sis read the rest of the conversation.
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  11. 18k is brilliant on pre-orders and hopefully Mavis doing her weekly shop next Friday will also snag a copy, etc.
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  12. Is there any sort of ballpark figure for the ratio of preorders to first week orders? Eg, how many of Ezra's 62k were preorders?
  13. The Sunday Mail’s description of “Lifetime” is wrecking me. Her dream in tatters? Ouch.
  14. Yep and she has a heap of promo next weekend so fingers crossed she has a great first week. I think this album will hang around much like Dancing has, it feels more appealing to the GP than her last album.
  15. Kiss Me Once had first week sales in excess of 29,000 in the UK. Unless you were referring to preorders, in which case ignore me.
  16. sorry Pre-orders
  17. Oops, finally remembered to pre-order!
  18. There are a few important points to note however:

    1) General album sales (not pre-orders to fanatics) were much higher at the time of Kiss Me Once's release.
    2) Kiss Me Once had a far more successful crossover hit single to promote it.
    3) Golden benefits from the multitude of format versions available and as such the pre-orders are likely to be far more front-loaded, so a like-for-like comparison isn't really a valid one.

    It would be great if she could eclipse the sales of the last album but I wouldn't count your chickens ....just yet.
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  19. I think Kylie described Lifetime to Repair as "almost comical" so I think she will overly indulge in heartbreak for that one.
  20. I'm afraid someone named 'Mavis' is unlikely to buy a Kylie CD, due to the fact she doesn't wear enough cardigans on her album covers.
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