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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Does Kylie even have much promo lined up for release date onwards? I wonder if BMG still anticipate Golden to have their biggest week 1 release to date...
  2. Anything above 30k is a win here.
  3. So, did anybody receive their bundles early from the Kylie store yet? Mine still says "Active" so It'll probably arrive after the release date.
  4. SBK


    No-one has. Its not out till Friday so still plenty of time for UK orders to be dispatched .
  5. Don’t get why they didn’t use any of the Kylie presents Golden gigs to show on BBC. That would have been great promo.
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  6. Music’s Too Sad was played on the Ken Bruce show on Radio 2 earlier (1:52 for those who have iPlayer). It really is a lovely song.
  7. I loved it, but I am very worried if that's a song they considered a standout and/or single-worthy.
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  8. Phew, Music's Too Sad is good, really good. If she can sound like that live it will be a major tour moment, the whole arena will be spell-bound.
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  9. I'm very tempted, but will hod on all the same he he. It's the song I've been dreading too the most!
  10. Oh my word, so listening back to Music's too sad. It's sublime. Can Friday hurry the heck up please!
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  11. I think Music's Too Sad… is the best ballad Kylie has ever done. It's heartbreakingly beautiful.
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  12. She sounds very good on that.
  13. Oh that song is beautiful. It reminded me of On Days Like These, from The Italian Job, a beautiful airy waltz, of driving through European mountains. You know... that sort of 60s sound.
  14. Luc


    It reminds me of her duet with Nick Cave.. Sounds really beautiful. I love this kind of country melancholy.
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  15. Yes that seems plausib-

    Oh Rashida you better think again binch that's at least 3 cassette tapes per 850,000 people. Kylie's going double plat with day 1 sales.
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  16. Music's Too Sad is just lovely, she's never sounded better, gorgeous vocals.
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  17. No need to worry - it’s gorgeous.
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  18. Is it the same as the snippet we heard in the movie?
    Maybe it was the shoddy quality but back then I thought it was just ok.
  19. Her duet partner on that song, the not-entirely-ugly Jack Savoretti, has been there for Kylie on Instagram. That's another 53k people who are at least aware that she's coming out with a new record...
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