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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I shall trust your judgement.
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  2. Does anyone have a link to the BBC show that played it? I'm having trouble finding. Thanks!
  3. In 2018 no motherfucker is going platinum/multi-platinum unless they are young, male, white, play guitar, mostly middle-class, boring as sin or just simply an over-hyped act or soundtrack.

    I'm hoping for the best.
  4. MB


    I think a decent measure is probably Steps' last album which has managed to go Gold but got Silver fairly quickly if I remember rightly.
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  5. She is so cute
  6. How can anyone hate her?! You might as well say you enjoy kicking kittens in your spare time because it’s obvious you have no soul. She’s pure joy personified.
  7. She is the true personification of aging like a fine wine.
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  8. Is that BBC player on the website always this diabolical or am I just missing something? I can’t get shit to play.
  9. I need more outtakes from the album shoot to leak.

    I know the album is album of the week at Radio 2 but I’m just waiting til Friday for the whole thing. No more listening to anymore tracks.
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  10. Luc


    Will the BBC play a new track every day?
  11. I think they will.
  12. Kremlin Kylie is coming for her crown
  13. She is still just so super cute, how is that possible at nearly 50 (I'm 'just' nearing 46 and a miserable git!)

    Great little video, I love that the eventual cover was her just plonking herself on the sofa and happen to look a certain way, i.e. so unforced (and the opposite to Aphrodite)

    The shoot looks fantastic, so glad I bought the deluxe vinyl ONLY for the book, it should be beautiful.
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  14. MB


    Presume one day will be “raining glitter” and they might also include “dancing” and “stop me from” aswell but who knows!
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  15. I've just had a moment with Music's Too Sad, but think I'm now going to hold off on new tracks till Friday. I however am so frigging excited for this album, for once I'm pleased I am so bored at my job and that I can give it my full attention Friday.
  16. I just heard "Stop Me From Falling" in an eatery in New York City!

    So, props to whatever middle-aged homosexual chooses the music here.
  17. Just caught up on over a weeks worth of this thread as ive been away on holiday, I've read a few people talking about getting charged for the pre order this week when it's shipped. I ordered one of the bundles and got charged when I ordered it back in January, I just double checked.

    Also have just listened to Raining Glitter for the first time, I really like it but I'd probably say it's my third favourite after SMFF and then Dancing.
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  18. Music's Too Sad is the first one I've completely loved on first listen, it's stunning and haunting.
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  19. Oh PLEASE be Friday already! Please.
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