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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. The husband didn't think much of Music's Too Sad, said he found it plodding. I'm considering divorce proceedings.
  2. Then you can belt out the song with tears streaming down your face, the way it's meant to be sung!
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  3. I'm pleased to see the general acclaim for Music's Too Sad Without You. Hopefully I have nothing to fear after all.
  4. Do you like Everything Is Beautiful from Aphrodite? It gave me that kinda vibe. Her vocals sound amazing (Jack did good too!).......
  5. I just got back from cinema, George ezra's album was promoted with a short clip before the film started, talk about powerful promo.
  6. Oh yes ,I absolutely love that one! So if so, is all very good to me!
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  7. Music’s Too Sad is beautiful, haunting, mesmerising and perfection. It should definitely be a single.
  8. So in love with "Music's Too Sad". I've been waiting for this kind of sound from Kylie for a long time.
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  9. Maybe if it will be if they give Golden a proper singles run, ie at least 4!
  10. RJF


    "Music's Too Sad Without You" is the best thing to come from this album so far.
  11. W2K


    I can’t stop watching videos of A Lifetime to Repair. I think it’s going to be my favourite.
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  12. Hello. Im so excited for Friday. Do me a favour and let me know what you think about the bonus track 'Lost Without You' on Friday. It's not one of mine but it's my favourite of all the new songs. Infact, I think its one of MIns best songs ever. Im such a fanboy still lol. B x
  13. Glad to hear it, Biff Stan-hard!
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  14. Will do Biff, looking forward to hearing some of the other tracks on Golden despite not liking all of what we have heard so far.

    Is there anymore info on the project that would have used Sexual Gold?
  15. Wow! If it is why did it end up being a bonus track? Usually bonus tracks never become singles...
  16. Ok if you say so....I’ll bump this in a couple of weeks.
  17. Triggering intensifies.
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  18. @biff stannard Do you know if Rollin is the same song as Rolling Stone ? I loved that little snippet from MM site!
  19. Finally listened, beautiful. One of the nicest ballads she's ever done.
  20. Bonus tracks usually end up being the little gems that would've been B-Sides on CD single releases a decade (or more?!) previous, and we all know some of Kylie's best were B-Sides, 'Tightrope', 'Cherry Bomb'...

    But Biff praising one of 'em, that just makes me even more excited for the whole album!
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