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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Bring it on! This is easily my most wanted Kylie album ever!
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  2. Well I assume I'm not the only one who paused the video to read some of the lyrics. I'm very happy that they're in the book.
  3. Is emancipation an option?
  4. I got an email from HMV saying that my order has been dispatched (I ordered a physical copy when entering for the Meet and Greet and forgot to cancel it ddd). Anyway, that means I should have it tomorrow?

    Edit: just seen it's going by 2nd class post. Oh.
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  5. Arrrgh I'm longing for them to ship my bundle. I'm purposely not listening to the two new tracks so there is more to enjoy fresh when I hear the full album, etc.
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  6. You might get by Thursday but definitely by Friday. HMV orders sometimes normally arrive a day or 2 before the release date
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  7. Do we think that this has a potential to leak before release? They've done pretty well so far, though I'm anticipating some store to ship the album early as always happens.
  8. Raining Glitter is everything I was hoping from this era
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  9. Shelby 68 for me.
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  10. I’ve had the HMV dispatched message too despite trying to cancel my order (I have a bundle ordered from as I only ordered to get tickets to the signing and failed!!!
  11. Finally listened to Music's Too Sad Without You – it's gorgeous.
  12. I love how 'Music's Too Sad Without You' is sultry and sensitive, quite like 'Someday'.
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  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That picture disc looks amazing.
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  14. A couple of people on ATRL have heard the album from retailers selling early, so a leak may be imminent. Spoilers of what we know from them.

    -Love is the LGBT love song
    -Every Little Part of Me, Rollin’ and Live a Little follow the Dancing formula
    -Lost Without You is uptempo and the least country song on the album (great reviews for it as the best song also)
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  15. I am so glad I ordered that picture disc, it’s absolutely gorgeous.
  16. Dancing is light, careless, simple and almost too easy on the ears.

    It's also one of my favourite songs of 2018 and just the right amount fo fun and melody and Kylie and everything. I love it.
  17. Yeah, it's been approved by Has it Leaked so I'm hoping...soon.
  18. Fuck she heard me, my bundle has been sent off!
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