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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Same, it's just stunning.
  2. Everyone that has heard it is going crazy over Lost Without You. wig
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  3. This will be out there in a couple of hours.
  4. Why am I tempted by the picture disc when I’ve already got the HMV clear vinyl and the super deluxe edition, which also includes the vinyl? Oh and the Dancing 7”.
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  5. SBK


    My hmv order dispatched this morning. First class so could be here tomorrow. Most probably Friday/Saturday... haha
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  6. As if anyone on ATRL is over 15 / of working age.
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  7. Go on get it! You know you want it!
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  8. My picture disc isn't getting played, I ordered the regular vinyl for that and also the deluxe CD which has just shipped from Amazon.
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  9. I know I shouldn't be surprised these flops on AT*L refuse to share with their peers but...gross.
  10. I basically ordered deluxe bundle and dancing 7” from amazon Italy (billed today), Clear vinyl from vinyl taps Uk, Picture disc from and last but not least CD+ tshirt+ dancing cd single bundle from Kylie-Golden Australian web site. I think I definitely gave economy a spinning...around
  11. Hehe, you certainly did!
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  12. Ugh! I hate this. Knowing people have it but it hasn't leaked.
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  13. Considering Golden, A lifetime to repair, Shelby 68, Radio on, Sincerely yours, One last kiss have been out through every youtuber who made videos of the various Golden gigs, leak is not a very big deal... we already know 10 songs out of 16. And I was lucky I heard them in London performed live for the very first time almost a month ago...
  14. 16 songs is a very good amount to have. That's almost 2 albums in one if you compare it to albums from the early 80s for instance.
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  15. Well a leak is a big deal for me because it means I get to hear a new Kylie album for the first time in four years.
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  16. Two more day's, can't believe the days almost here already.
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  17. I bought everything except the t-shirt/CD single bundle. I really hope the CD single will be widely available on Friday.

    Also, the standard Japanese version of Golden is said to include two remixes of "Dancing". I'll pick that up as well, if it does in fact include the remixes.
  18. Didn't know about the Japanese edition. Thanks for the heads up! Still in love with Dancing!
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  19. MB


    You’ve done amazingly well not caving!
  20. Can't believe the release day is upon us, it only feels like yesterday the album details were announced and people were fuming about the release date.
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