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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I appreciate the beautiful guitars and dreaminess on a lot of the tracks, the uptempos feel a little 'cut from the same cloth' but inevitably the lyrics prop them up. (thankfully) The ballads and midtempos are actually the best on here, surprisingly.

    Its a cohesive and fun album but I think it could have used some editing or some different structure in places. The vocal processing in some parts are very ??? and I don't usually care or notice these things. I'm certain I like it more the Kiss Me Once, that's for sure.
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  2. I'm waiting but I shall stay perched to see what everyone thinks in the meantime.
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  3. Hurrah! Am doing the same thing.
  4. Not "Low Blow" having a chant, oooOOOOOHWOOOOOOAH.
  5. I’ve downloaded it to listen to on my way to and from work tomorrow. I’ve only heard Dancing and briefly caught Falling on the radio in the background so I’m intrigued by hearing the work that’s divided so many people!
  6. I wasn't that keen on "Golden" (the song) at the London gig, but the studio version is so good.
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  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I am absolutely waiting.
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  8. I’m holding off so I can hear it for the first time when my vinyl copy arrives, but it’s so exciting seeing these comments!
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  9. I’m gonna wait until Thursday midnight too, but all the comments I’ve heard from people are so exciting.
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  10. It's my favorite track, but I agree, the studio version is kind of disappointing. It popped OFF live, and while it's still great, there is something about the studio version that has disappointed me. It's muddy.
  11. SBK


    Fuck, its all so good.

    Yours sincerely is gorgeous.
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  12. W2K


    The three already released tracks sound so much better in the context of the whole album.
  13. Lost Without You is huge highlight, not sure why this wasn't considered lead single material...?
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  14. Uno


    I'm not patient enough to wait, but can't find the leak anywhere. My PMs are open though!
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  15. Currently on Live a Little. What kind of Gwen Stefani & Mika duet? Amazing.
  16. I'm currently on my hols so I'm going to make this album the soundtrack to my last few days! Also, apparently my clear vinyl has dispatched from HMV.
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  17. The last 2 songs are definitely the weakest of the lot.
  18. "Love" would have been great on Shania's last album. Kylie's been my number 1 since "I should be so lucky" and I think this might be her best album? The ballads are the best she's ever done.
  19. W2K


    Oh Lost Without You is gorgeous.
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  20. ACTUALLY, nawt me loving all the bonus tracks more then a lot of the main album.
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