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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. God. I can't believe I am experiencing a new Kylie release. And I am not even a fan.
  2. It’s about time
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  3. Okay. There are some cracking songs on this record. So far I’m coming back to Lifetime to Repair, Sincerely Yours, Golden and Lost without You right now.

    It’s getting my commuting test in the car tomorrow morning.
  4. It's a bit emotional to hear these songs, you can tell she has put so much into it.
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  5. Wait did this leak or are people just listening to their early-shipped copies?
  6. The Japanese CD edition is going to be one of those odd Japanese things where the booklet and tracklist on the actual product list the standard global tracks, but the actual disc includes;

    13. Dancing (Initial Talk · Remix) (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)
    14. Dancing (Anton Powers Alternative Remix) (Japanese Edition Bonus Track)

    So odd when they do that.
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  7. Yes please tell?
  8. Oh god it leaked?

    Give me strength. I’m literally gagging to hear this but Friday is so close...
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  9. I really genuinely love this album thus far, shortcomings and mixing aside (although hoping that is mostly fixed with official release ddd), there's a lot here to digest. It's a different yet familiar record from Kylie and is a great upbeat companion to Golden Hour.

    Clearly I'm in some kind of pop-bumpkin mood.
  10. Jesus.i can't get on the train anywhere. Too stressful!
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  11. The end of one last kiss and it’s fiddles? Horns?

    This is interesting.
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  12. Can’t find this leak on like. Dunno maybe I wait till thrusday night when it appears on spotify. You better stream it when it’s out... coz that stream will Matter more than your greedy ears
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  13. Oh not this conversation again. Fans are going to buy/stream the album regardless if they listen to the leak.
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  14. I usually avoid leaks, but I have near enough every format on it's way and somebody was kind enough to share a link with me, so I'm listening.

    'Lost Without You' is a masterpiece. It's been a while since Kylie has spoken on a song ('No More Rain' the last time?).
  15. Not sure on the streaming part, otherwise Stop me From falling wouldn’t be just 1.171...
  16. If Only is my fave KMO song so that's a great thing!
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  17. So 'Rolling Stone' was a completely different song, then?! Gutted we'll probably never get to hear that in full.
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  18. same
  19. Every Little Part of Me is the one for me....
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