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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. SBK


    Don't worry, most of us have 89 physical copies arriving over the next few days.
  2. I know. It’s not about the coins. It’s about the Chart Min deserves. It’s such a great record. I’m so fucking proud of her. Xxx
  3. I'm holding out till Friday morning. I can be strong for my queen.
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  4. You should be Happy about the leak! The air was a bit heavy here, lately, especially before the release of Raining Glitter. If you've reading the posts of the last 14 hours, you will notice how much love and pride there is for Golden. Peolpe are happy to wait for the physical copy to arrive! It's not an album you hear the leak and them pass to the next one. It's an album to listen to over and over again.
    And I'm waiting till Friday! But I didn't read a single bad reaction to Golden.
  5. You're not interested in how many fans are getting behind this. We get it.
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  6. The wait is driving me crazy, but I’m gonna resist the temptation and binge listen to her whole discography until Friday. So excited for this record.

    @biff stannard how is it working with her in the studio? She seems like such a lovely person, and (like with many other female pop stars) people don’t seem to acknowledge her creativity and contribution to her work. At least not the media.
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  7. I know you're gonna break my heeeeeart
    When I get in your caaaarr

    Come through, Kylie Rae Jepsen
  8. We are golden, golden that’s who we are!
    It’s so good... please stream it non stop when it’s out tomorrow night. Kylie really deserves it
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  9. This thread is getting me so pumped for it to actually reach Spotify
  10. The point of the Thunderclap is to tap into peoples followers who are more casual fans and not necessarily on the forums or part of various Kylie groups. Of course, many of the people signed up already will have already pre-ordered, but it's about the number of people those guys can then tell via the amount of friends / followers they have. Additionally, the more FB posts & tweets about Kylie & Golden there are on Friday morning, the higher up the algorithm these posts will go, meaning even more casual buyers will hear about Golden. There is also a high chance she may trend too, further creating awareness.

    As a causal music buyer of a huge amount of artists myself, if I saw that someone had tweeted about a new track or album out of an artist i liked, I would usually head straight over to Spotify to check it out. With a current social reach of 1.4 million - thats a LOT of potential curious streamers & buyers.

    We all want the same thing and for the album to be successful, hopefully resulting in a #1. The TC is a brilliant way of helping get the word out.... even if it does sound like something you would need some hardcore cream for down the specialist clinic!
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  11. No, we're collectively not interested in an outdated spam campaign, but werk.
  12. Not you of all people subtly asking for an illegal download link.

    I knew those gifs in the Kacey thread were the start of a slippery slope...
  13. I am absolutely waiting. It's just two days and I much prefer to listen to the album from an actual CD or vinyl, on release date.
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  14. After several listens, Every Little Part of Me is now on a continuous loop. Its got a real retro 90's dance feel.
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  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    L.O.V.E is such a cute song
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  16. I"ve also backflipped on my earlier urge to listen to the leak with all the talk of cohesiveness I want to experience this at HQ on my best speakers. I'm far too picky. haha.
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  17. I think it's one of her boppiest and most infectious songs.
  18. "Werk"... and you call the Thunderclap outdated...
  19. Uno


    I've never even heard of Thunderclap before.
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  20. Until today I have never heard of Thunderclap and after this thread I have little to no desire to find out what it actually is.
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