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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Leaked, not released!
  2. I think this might be my favorite Kylie album since... Body Language? I’ll need more time for the new album smell to wear off, but that’s how it feels at the moment.
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  3. Thanks - I'm not in the UK so I was really hoping they would dispatch a little early.
  4. Oh okay, thanks. I'll probably wait, then.
  5. Has Anyone received a shipping confirmation from for the mardi gras bundle?
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  6. How are people accessing that site? I tried many times to get there to order the bundle but I was (and still am) just forwarded to (where the bundle was not available).
  7. Positive review from Washington Post

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  8. I think u get forwarded to since the day it was no longer avail (aka sold out)
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  9. We’ve heard fiddles on “Cowboy Style,” WaPo!
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  10. Is the leak low quality or is it worth listening to? I don't want to listen yet unless it sounds super super similar to iTunes/CD quality
  11. Thanks. Hopefully the CD single will be widely available on Friday...
  12. Luc


    I'm obsessed with Every Little Part Of Me!
  13. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Really wish the vinyl had been the deluxe edition.
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  14. If Kylie wanted to work with Carly Raesus for whatever she does next, I wouldn't object. Oh at all.
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  15. Why is “Lost Without You” giving me M83 at their poppiest vibes?

    And I love that she sounds unabashedly Australian during its spoken word sections.
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    Review: Kylie Minogue puts on cowboy boots for a country CD
    By Associated Press

    Published: 10:00 EDT, 4 April 2018 | Updated: 10:06 EDT, 4 April 2018

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    Kylie Minogue, "Golden" (BMG)

    It was bound to happen eventually. Don't even pretend to be surprised: Kylie Minogue, the pop goddess from Australia, has gone country. Hey, if Justin Timberlake and Steven Tyler can do it, why not the woman behind "Locomotion"?

    Minogue hasn't completely ditched her pop-dance roots on "Golden," her 14th studio album, but it's got a distinct twang. Not too much, not too little. Country die-hards might object, but the rest of us will be simultaneously throwing our arms into the air while line dancing.

    This cover image released by BMG shows "Golden," the latest release by Kylie Minogue. (BMG via AP)

    "Golden" emerged following Minogue's first trip to Nashville, Tennessee, last year. It must have made a big impact: Lead single "Dancing" is positively Dolly Parton-ish, and Minogue goes on to sing about rodeos, drinking-too-much mates and even a muscle car ("Shelby '68").

    Minogue has a hand in writing every song and leaned on two songwriters who share her boundary-crossing - Steve McEwan, who has written for James Arthur and Kenny Chesney, and Amy Wadge, who has worked with Ed Sheeran and James Blunt.

    The lyrics fit a woman who turns 50 this year - regret, bad love, hope and yearning. She hopes she won't make the same mistakes in "Stop Me from Falling" and tries to move on in "Radio On," where "I roll the windows down and I just fade you out." There's a whiff of mortality on "Dancing" when Minogue, a cancer survivor, sings about "when the final curtain falls" and concludes, "When I go out/ I wanna go dancing."

    "Sincerely Yours" has more than a hint of Taylor Swift, while fiddles and banjos fill up "A Lifetime to Repair" - did you ever think you'd hear those instruments on a Kylie Minogue record? "Raining Glitter" is what happens when fingerpicking and disco collide; there is really no way it should work, but it does.

    Really the only time Minogue should have reined it in was when she embellishes the title track with the theme song from "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." We got it - you're country now.

    Well, not always. "Live a Little" and "Sincerely Yours" are pure pop tunes that could easily have appeared on Minogue's other albums. And her only duet - with English singer Jack Savoretti on "Music's Too Sad Without You," which closes the album - is pretty, but an odd choice. No one from Nashville was available?

    Still, there's no denying Minogue's overall skill, as usual. She's earned the right to dabble in anything she wants, and she does it very well here. We just need to find a way to get glitter out of our cowboy boots.


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  17. The showdown at noon spaghetti western sound in the background of Golden...

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  18. Luc


    Full Credits for the Bonus Tracks :

  19. While Dancing is still lovely I think Live a Little does the same thing but only much better. I will say thank god the lyrical content is an upgrade across the whole thing compared to Kiss Me Once. It was a good thing that Karen Poole was discarded this go around.
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  20. Why does "Dick Beetham" sound like a porn star's name
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