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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Good to hear, especially glad we get four more songs this time.
  2. Yeah, I definitely see the album as a 16 track affair - the deluxe tracks are on par with the quality of the standard version, overall... some highs & some lows. My favorite song on the entire album is Lost Without You.
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  3. So for those who've listened - where does this rank among her last, say, 3-4 albums?
  4. For me...

    Aphrodite >>> Golden > X > Kiss Me Once
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  5. Thanks for the heads up, I'm allowing myself to listen to anything "officially" released, and what another corker it is, more "country" than the others so far, but I like, and her vocals are stunning!
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  6. It's one of her best albums and the songs will just get better with each listen. It's as good as Aphrodite, if not better and insanely superior to X and Kiss Me Once because you can tell she has put her all into it.
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  7. I'm just happy she's co-wrote these songs.
  8. She also wrote one of the best tracks, 'Lost Without You' on her own.
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  9. It’s easily her best album since Light
    Years. I think when the dust settles it’ll be in my top 3 Kylie albums along with Light Years and Impossible Princess.

    I think that is interesting too actually, because in my opinion these 3 albums are the ones that Kylie put her all into out of her whole discography and it shows.
  10. It’s her best album since Light years and Fever for me.
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  11. SBK


    No she didn't...

  12. Whoops, that serves me right trusting Wikipedia...
  13. In your defence, when initial writing credits were given, hers was the only name against the last three songs, they were obviously just incomplete.

    Well the post has turned up and no Golden Bundle! Sad face! Will have to be down with the kids and stream it on Spotty-Fry tomorrow then..
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  14. Twins!
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  15. I love that Spotty Fry has caught on.
  16. Lost Without You is just Everyhing I can see why it’s on deluxe in terms of trying to not disjoint the cohesiveness of the main album, but for me it’s by far the best track on the album.
  17. I got a bad news: one of my bundles will not arrive :( all because I don’t live in Australia... weird I could process and complete the order as I could choose the country... anyway I’ll never get my hands on that gorgeous t-shirt or the dancing cd single :(
    Mail says:
    The Kylie Golden pre-order was only ever available to be shipped to Australia / NZ customers, as clearly stated in the item description. We are unable to ship to your country, sorry for any confusion. Your order has been cancelled and we have processed a full refund.

    The status of your order is Cancelled.
    :( @wodny
  18. So is Golden out in Itunes New Zealand yet?
  19. The irony is that the actual final track of the standard edition is the biggest oddity in the set.
  20. Echo Awards performance is happening. She’s got a lot of promotion coming in Germany this time.

    Stay tuned for European dates for the tour to be announced as well.
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