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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. I wouldn’t put too much stock into an insider on a Kylie forum being one of the ones in the know about something like that, but.. maybe.
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  2. Be happy she’s getting a top 5 album in the UK 30 years into her career.
  3. If it's happening I swear to god if it is a TIDAL exclusive I'll scream, have that shit on all streaming platforms!
  4. Also - scream at the worlds best kept secret being revealed on a Kylie Minogue forum.
  5. SCREAM.

    I need this to be true. Sorry Kayleigh.
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  6. He works in the music industry and has given us loads of reliable info through the years.If he says it's happening the night before,it really IS happening.
  7. Or he got his wires crossed and it's just Lemonade finally being put on streaming services since it's on Amazon now and probably elsewhere as the evening progresses. Kii.
  8. It might be a TIDAL exclusive.Kylie still stands a chance if that's true.
  9. I mean, alright. I just don’t think someone who deals in Kylie Minogue information is going to be one of the only industry people with concrete knowledge of possibly the biggest album of the year. If it happens it happens, but I really don’t put too much stock into it. And if it did... Kylie would stand absolutely zero chance against an album like that.
  10. Kylie has worked really hard on this album, most unfair if Beyonce releases this week.
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  11. Jesus Christ.
  12. Sis.
  13. If the Beyoncé album release is true then I anticipate this thread to get even messier.
  14. They're getting a head start just in case xx
  15. On one hand I’m hoping the rumour comes good to watch SayHeil implode and blame Beyoncé for her spiteful choice to release an album on this day! PREMEDITATED, I tell you!
  16. I'm not having it because Beyonce as well as Kylie are up there as my absolute faves so bring it on binches.
  17. Guess we'll know at midnight.
  18. If it is I'll be impressed with his info cause no where else seems to be reporting it.
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  19. THP has said multiple times before that he's not part of Kylie's team, he just knows people who are and gets words from them.
  20. That is typically the goal of a surprise release, huh?
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