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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Absolutely.Nobody knew BEYONCÉ was coming until it actually dropped.
  2. SBK


    Re: Beyonce...

    Will a tidal exclusive bother the top end of the charts?
  3. Nah, probably not. I mean, BEYONCÉ and Lemonade were absolute non-charting flops.
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  4. If it's just a TIDAL exclusive probably not.Kanye and Rihanna didn't bother the top 10 in their 1st week.
  5. I'll just leave that here :

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  6. They were widely available on all digital platforms though.
  7. It has been rumoured for quite a bit that she was dropping tonight because it's their 10th anniversary this week.
    :( I was actually thinking about it this morning funnily enough!
  8. To be fair though Lemonade was also added for purchase digitally on iTunes and Amazon two days after it was put up on TIDAL.
  9. I highly doubt that Bey is dropping anything tonight but I'm always here for some meltdowns.
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  10. She was singing to Beyonce this whole time
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  11. What a shame for Kylie if true. I thought she stood a good chance of a number 1 as well. I guess that’s how the music biz works. You just never know who you’ll be up against
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  12. I mean Beyoncé is one of my all time faves and yes I’d totally welcome new music but I’m kinda hoping it’s not true because new Kylie and Beyoncé at the same time, plus all the other new music out tonight, would scramble my poor little homosexual brain.
  13. Is this Kylie Ann’s karma for not listening to the PopJussies back in January about the album being out before we all turned 65?

    I’m joking. Maybe.
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  14. Well at least it wouldn't be because of a guitar.
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  15. Listening to the iTunes version right now and the sound quality still isn't great nn. She should sue whoever mixed/mastered this because yikes.

    Lost Without You really is THAT bop. Easily one of the best things she's ever done.
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  16. Luc


    Beyoncé is doing Coachella next saturday.. maybe they will release their joint album the day before? (Next friday hopefully)
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  17. I know I might be hybrid but I really don’t like Beyonce music (nor Rihanna) and I love soul music, just never connect to hers so don’t really get how she can sell her records. Same thing happens with our Italian multi selling Laura Pausini, just can’t connect to her music concept. But you can give me any Diana Ross song or Whitney Houston and it clicks.
    Beside that...
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  18. They're surely getting back at her for firing RocNation.It was always the plan.
  19. Quietly sings:

    I lost all hope today...
  20. Bring on tomorrow! To say I'm extremely excited right now, would be one big huge understatement!
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