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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Well yes, but I find it strange that a member of a Kylie forum has declared it, but no other music forums seem to be talking about it.
  2. I don't know you, but I like your attitude.
  3. Thank you, I like your penchant for throw pillows.
  4. Me. Less than 3 hours to go now!
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  5. Fine, it was very "I'm not racist, How Will I Know is my go-to karaoke song".
  6. It’s Thursday April 12th. The Official Charts have just released the top 100 albums chart list for the week. Mass panic ensues. Vinyls are trashed, CDs are snapped. A single voice rises above the maddening crowd.

    “B-...bu...but...the Thunderclap??

  7. Yeah, I mean I don’t think he was supposed to reveal it, it’s a Beyoncé release. He’s probably being escorted by armed guards to a high security facility as we speak.
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  8. It is suspect that of ALL the people he would be the one leaking out info...
  9. How is everyone knowing that it's coming from DHL, I just got an email an hour ago from Kylie Store saying my order had been dispatched with no further info/tracking? I ordered the bundle the morning they were released, and paid £8.50 shipping so it better come tomorrow haha!
  10. Oh no! It's worse than I thought. The Thunderclap has spread to your brain.
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  11. It’s worst to keep this smart conversation with you...
  12. Don't take the lift with Solange.
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  13. pdf


    no it's not, not in the slightest
  14. "Love" is quickly becoming one of my favorites on the album.
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  15. What was she thinking putting Every Little Part of Me, Rollin' and Lost Without You on the Deluxe Edition? Love, One Last Kiss and Sincerely Yours should have been Deluxe tracks with the Deluxe tracks we currently have sans Low Blow being moved to Standard Edition, that breakdown in Every Little Part of Me is life though.
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  16. Does anyone have pics or know where I can find the pics of the credits from the album booklet? Never trust wiki.
  17. Love has grown on me a bit...
  18. I received a text message (!) with tracking information (er, "waybill number") from DHL early this morning. I don't know if they're using them for all countries, however. It probably depends on where you live.
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  19. Oh no it's not a real book? Not happy about that.
  20. SBK


    It is.

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