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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Okay, thank you.
  2. I love Shania Twain.
  3. My order with Amazon Canada for the box set is pending with a now release date of April 20th *crying*
  4. I never did mind the storm
    Even when my heart was torn
    Thunder in the night sky
    I'm running from a town like this
    Crashing with a stolen kiss
    We're all glitter and tears in the moonlight
    And it came to me in a taxi ride
    Hit me like a blinding light
    And my heart was beating so alive
    Wanna find myself all in the wild
    Oh I, oh I....

    I can't get over how beautiful Lost Without You is and that downright gorgeous spoken word bridge. Fuuuck.
  5. Uno


    Is Music’s Too Sad Without You is our 2k18 Where The Wild Roses Grow?

    Now that I bring that up, I would’ve loved Nick Cage on Music’s Too Sad Without You instead of the guy she chose.
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  6. Just don’t.
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  7. HMD


    I had the album pre-ordered on iTunes and for some reason I’ve been able to download it an hour before midnight (I’m in Catalonia). So excited to hear it for the first time!
    Golden... here I go!!!! Whoop!!!
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  8. I’m so excited. The release of a Kylie album is huge. I adore this woman and can’t wait to listen for the first time in just over an hour...
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  9. I have this need to run in the streets while listening to ‘Lost Without You’ on full volume. That chorus engenders pure euphoria.
  10. SBK


    *the guy who wrote it...
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  11. Please by all means show yourself some more.

  12. It’s probably the biggest grower on the album for me, it does give me Roses vibes, and is perfectly placed on the album.
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  13. The 'hot' guy who wrote it and who's sexy tone compliments Kylie's
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  14. Luc


    Amazon Canada rarely have imports, boxsets or limited stuff on official release date (even if you've pre-ordered them!). I've learned from past bad experiences.. They're not really reliable (unless it's for a Canadian artist). We'll be lucky to have the regular CD in stores tomorrow.. The other editions will eventually be available but weeks afterwards. That's a bummer for fans who are impatient!
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  15. 'grah nort'
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  16. Just quickly dropping in to say that Golden, Sincerely Yours, Shelby ‘68, Radio On, Lost Without You, Every Little Part Of Me and Low Blow are my favourite new tracks based off my first listen. Kylie should be really proud of those tracks, the rest of the album will take some more time to grow on me but it’s a pleasant first listen.

    Lost Without You especially, is absolutely incredible. I feel this will be a potential new Kylie Classic amongst fans, whether it becomes a single or not.
  17. She's also on BBC Breakfast next week and her interview with Dan Wooten on the 'Lorraine' show is on tomorrow from 8:30am.
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  18. Also The One Show on Monday.
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