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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. How was the performance and did she sing SMFF?
  2. I saved myself and I'm finally listening.

    Started with Shelby 68 which was a good decision because it's wonderful. Then Golden, which is better still and honestly wipes the fucking floor with Stop Me From Falling. Should've been single two. Slight Cruel by Foxes vibes...
  3. I`m speachless...
    listening and I´m very emotional.. this could be one of her best albums. The lyrics, the melodies... so emotional, so strong... I can´t decide which songs I prefer... Kylie... you did yourself proud!
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  4. It’s taken a while but SMFF is finally lodged in my head, thank you BBC Radio 2 for playing it constantly all week.
  5. On my first listen and everything so far is better than the first two singles? It’s not that I don’t like Dancing or Stop Me but songs like Golden, Lifetime and Live A Little are just more interesting.
  6. Love is so country in the songwriting. It's giving me Shania circa Up! and I can't be mad about that. Such a sweet, sincere song.
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  7. Love sounds like the soundtrack to a whipped yogurt commercial. It's the only truly bad track here.
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  8. HMD


    I just finished my first listen. Too soon to make a final judgement, but I’m really impressed. This feels like a thought body of work and the list of stand out tracks is huge: Dancing, SMFF, Golden, One Last Kiss, Sincerely Yours, A Lifetime to Repair, Radion On, Shelby ‘68, Radio On, Music’s too Sad, Lost Without You, Raining Glitter... That’s 3/4 of the album!!!!!
  9. Love is a pair of heeeeeeels
  10. Really enjoying this album.
  11. ]
    Yes she performed stop me from falling (seems she did it twice for some reason)
  12. "Love" is my least favorite too. It's not offensive or anything. Just bland.
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  13. Worldwide iTunes Album Chart - 2018/04/05
    9 NEW Kylie Minogue - Golden
    9 7033 +7033
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  14. Just been into town and bought a copy of the physical in New Zealand! They were not even on display yet.

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  15. 'Love' Is actually my favourite after 'Music's Too Sad'!
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  16. HMD


    #1 in Spain.
    Queen of preorders.
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  17. "Love" is amazing for the vocals alone. It's campy and earnest.
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  18. ‘Love’ is very Gwen.
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  19. They just uploaded audio videos for every song (including the bonus tracks) on her YouTube channel.
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