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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. It's midnight! Come on then Kylie, let's have ya!
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  2. Fuck, I can't stop listening to Every Little Part Of Me, what a fucking banger it is!

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  3. Tom Holland is so cute.
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  4. Fuuuuuuck

    Y’all were not lying about Lost Without You. An actual masterpiece. One of her greatest tracks in years.

    The spoken section. I’m on the floor.
  5. Adds UK sales could go #1
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  6. The quality of the leak didn’t give it justice, just listened again and OMG, those spoken words coming out of each speaker in turn just blows me away, it’s just so amazing. Her vocal on this album is top notch best since IP.
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  7. Yah it's FINALLY out, I've been waiting for this ever since i heard 'Dancing' in early January. Playing it right now!
  8. Listening to the album for the first time. I'm so happy she's back.
  9. Just finished. Love it - I feel like she has righted some of the Kiss Me Once wrongs. Haven't got any standout favourites yet... they'll come after my next listen.
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  10. Now that’s a lucky guy :)
  11. Soooo jealous of those fans who are getting to meet her tonight. What a moment that must be!
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  12. I love when the singles have you worried but the album knocks you the f*** out.
  13. I am on A Lifetime To Repair and I am here for this bluegrass fantasy.

    She did THAT.

    I'm billing her for the emergency reconstructive surgery that I need on my scalp.
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  15. You're going need a full body transplant when you listen to the rest of the album.
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  16. Love A Lifetime To Repair! On repeat.

    Should have been the 2nd single! SMFF is good enough but this would have got her more attention!
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  17. Just realised how sad Every Little Part of Me actually is. Holy crap.
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