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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. The title track does things to me. That yodel. That good the bad and the ugly riff. But this just does GOOD things to me.
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  2. This is brilliant. Absolutely WORTH the wait. I'm torn between Golden and Sincerely Yours for my fave right now. I really felt that Kylie was being true to her heart when I heard her sing the lyrics on every song. Even though there seems to be a conspicuous amount of meteorological references in the lyrics.

    Totally see why the bonus tracks aren't in the main tracklist. Lost Without You is very MUNA/Tegan and Sara. Every Little Part of Me makes me think of classic Whigfield (not a criticism), Rollin' reminds me of Save Tonight and Low Blow is a bit I Said Never Again But Here We Are. It's very cute.
  3. After listening to the album for a few days the only songs I don’t enjoy are live a little and love. Otherwise every other song is amazing.
  4. The album has floored me. I genuinely did not think her capable of this depth. Radio On is stunning.
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  5. I'm with you on Love but Live A Little is fantastic. My only criticism is with the vocal production in the verses.
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  6. This album is absolutely amazing, after a second listen I'm already warming to A Lifetime to Repair, even though the banjo gets to me a bit... I love Golden, Rollin', Love, Sincerely Yours, Radio On and Music's Too Sad, and the bonus tracks are absolutely amazing! I love every single one of them!
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  7. Lost Without You is INCREDIBLE.

    The album has absolutely floored me. This is her best album since Light Years and it deserves to be up there with Rhythm Of Love. Absolutely spellbinding. Welcome home, queen.
  8. One Last Kiss and Love are the only two tracks not quite floating my boat at the moment (though I love the chants in the latter). The rest of it is just everything I want from her right now.
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  9. First Listen:

    Dancing 6/10 not the best lead single, SMFF's awkward little sister
    Stop Me From Falling 9/10 the chorus is divine
    Golden 7.5/10 very nice groove
    A Lifetime To Repair 9/10 love the banjo and authentic sound on this one, great vocals
    Sincerely Yours 7.5/10 lovely vocals but production is a little MOR
    One Last Kiss 9/10 love the energy on this one
    Live A Little 8.5/10 similar to OLK but a little bit poppier?
    Shelby '68 9/10 love, love, love this one, great production
    Radio On 8.5/10 nice acoustic ballad, may take a few listens
    Love 6.5/10 ok, doesn't jump out at me yet
    Raining Glitter 7/10 most disco sounding song on the album so far, fun but not as great as other tracks
    Music's Too Sad 7/10 bit too MOR for me, could do without the male vocals
    Lost Without You 8/10 has an 80s feel, better than the last few songs
    Every Little Part 7.5/10 less country, more like a typical kylie track
    Rollin' 8.5/10 better than some of the standard version songs
    Low Blow 8/10 gay hootenanny finale

    Overall a great album, will take more listens but best since Fever for me I think 8/10
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  10. She has taken everything I loved about IF Only and multiplied it ten fold with Lost Without You. There is SO much drama in that spoken middle eight.

    Is there even the slightest possibility that this can be a single? Please say it is so. It needs a grand cinematic video and nothing less will do.
  11. I'm usually wary about Amazon Canada but it had a release date of April 6th up until yesterday, till it got changed. I thought maybe times have changed, they should have never advertised it for the 6th in the first place. Now I'm not sure if I should cancel or not, at $49 it was a great price. Do you know what label they are releasing her album here, or will the regular edition be an import too.
  12. I do hope you enjoy life one day, sis.

    Joking, of course.
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  13. Haha.
    Maybe I'm a bit hard on Dancing, hopefully it will be better for me on the tour.
  14. i can’t remember the last time I played an album from cover to cover and had absolutely no desire to skip

    Kylie what the FUCK
  15. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    It's all a bit samey to me right now. Maybe I'll like it better when I'm not tired.
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  16. Just opened up my Spotify app to be greeted with ‘New Music For You - Kylie Minogue - Golden’. The very first time that I’ve had such an advertisement... my Spotify knows me well!
  17. Every Little Part of Me and Live A Little and Lost Without You have me slayed...and Sincerely Yours and that piano howdown in Lifetime to Repair is awesome, the entire album is so cohesive.
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  18. I'm on a deadline tonight and haven't been able to keep up with the flurry of activity on this thread the last couple of days. I'm going to save my first proper album listen for tomorrow when I'm not stressing about work, but I had to listen to just one of the album tracks before getting back to work and randomly selected "Lost Without You". Is this the one y'all were going nuts over because it is amazing. I feel like it's kind of the sound that she and Sia were going for on KMO, but didn't quite achieve. It's so big, driving and romantic and, god, does she sound amazing.

    And it's a bonus track? God, I wouldn't say no to a single of this one. Guess that's not happening.
  19. Yes, "Lost Without You" is the one people are freaking out about. It's excellent. I also think it's a bonus track for a good reason, and it has nothing to do with quality. Also, it being a bonus track doesn't necessarily preclude single status!
  20. Interesting. I'm totally ignorant about these things. Is there much of a precedence for a bonus track to be released as a single? Anyway, I figured this had to be the one folks were going bonkers over. I mean, the second that chorus starts that wall of sound hits you like thunder[clap]. I understand why it's a bonus track, too, but it's downright thrilling.

    Can someone tell me more about this Jon Green chap? Between Lost Without You and Radio On I wouldn't say no to a future album full of Kylie/Jon Green collaborations. He doesn't appear to have a Wiki page. Unless he's also a retired Australian rugby player.
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