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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. For me the initial standouts are; Golden, Music’s Too Sad Without You and Live A Little but I adore every track genuinely Kylie has done amazingly.
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  2. Definitely Sincerely Yours.
  3. More like a 1988-1998 box.
    And a 2000-2015 box whenever Parlophone wakes up.
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  4. I honestly can’t even pick a favorite right now. There’s just so much to love here. ‘Every Little Part Of Me’ was a big surprise for me since it hadn’t got as much love here. It’s a breezy little bop.
  5. So can anyone who owns this on CD tell me if A Lifetime To Repair sounds as horrible as it does on streaming? It’s such a lovely song, but the distortion in the chorus is really takes away from the listening experience for me.
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  6. Lifetime to Repair just feels like a huge anti-climax. The verses build and swell and then... there’s this hollow chorus. Won’t be going back to this much.

    Golden, One Last Kiss, Sincerely Yours, Shelby 68, Love, Radio On, Lost Without You and Every Little Part of Me are all damn fine songs.

    I like Rollin’ but I may as well be listening to Stop Me From Falling.
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  7. I am on my first (very late) listen, 5 songs in and absolutely LOVING it.
  8. Yes I loved Kiss Me Once too but this is Kylie properly back on every front, I love it. May it start raining physical formats in Amsterdam soon too!
  9. Yay, it's all finally arrived. Never to be opened. Ha!
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  10. Oh no! I forgot to add my comments on "Shelby '68" on my original post. It is a very nice track. Someone mentioned on here it reminded them of Taylor's Swift "Style" I agree!

    "Radio On" is beautiful.

    I like the "come to me" bit on "One Last Kiss". That makes me bop. I love "Raining Glitter" that makes me bop as well.

    After a few more listens "Golden" and "A Lifetime To Repair" are going to GO OFF!

    On the whole this album is very good! Kylie should be so proud of herself!
  11. I listened the whole album thrice and i still can’t feel it... this one isn’t for me
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  12. I’m really enjoying it!

    “Music’s Too Sad” is crushing me, and I’m loving the title track, “Lost Without You” and “Shelby 68” too! Well done Kylie.
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  13. "She sounds like someone playing at country music, rather than someone who understands it."

    Not them literally regurgitating what I said 20 pages ago.
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  14. The sound is obviously not for everyone, thankfully she has such a huge back catalogue of variety for you to enjoy instead!
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  15. GUYS ITS HERE, and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

  16. So lucky... Congrats!
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  17. ‘Sincerely Yours’ is seriously about to turn me into a bawling mess at work. Just knowing everything she’s been through....the setbacks, the cancer, the heartbreaks....and knowing how her fanbase has stood by her through it all. God I love this woman.


  18. LOST WITHOUT YOU.. sorry for shouting
  19. The vocal on Radio On is just sublime. Most of the tracks sound great on vinyl bar the few they've changed for effect, for example Dancing they stick out like a sore thumb compared to the rich sound of the rest. This album is just stunning though. Yours Sincerely and Lost Without You are my favourites but not really a dud anywhere!
  20. To be perfectly honest, but you already know, this review sounds spot-on to me...
    It's not the only one. The Times gave it 2 stars and it's a pretty dire affair.
    Mind, not that Kylie has ever had glowing reviews from music critics, but I reckon this time it might burn more...
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