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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Music Week article was really interesting, thanks to whoever posted it.

    They're right that commercial radio plays a key part in driving the success of a campaign. She's getting minor success with it in the UK, but hopefully they'll continue to play more, particularly if the next single hits the mark. Not sure what that's going to be yet.

    Great news that Spotify and Apple Music are both onboard.

    BMG have their heads screwed on and it feels like they care, which always makes a difference. Onwards and upwards!
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  2. Post has arrived... and no bundle! I’m only about 20 miles from London, not exactly out in the middle of nowhere! Did everyone else’s arrive by Royal Mail or courier? I’m away from 5am tomorrow morning so now won’t get it till I get back in a week...
  3. Super Deluxe bundle was Royal Mail, signed Test Pressing was courier. You should be able to track your parcel via the shipping email.
  4. For sure. Was more excited for Golden (the song) but seemed to lack the punch of the live version.
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  5. Royal Mail tracked too.
  6. ‘Lost Without You’ is incredible. Not only should it be on the standard, but it should have been the lead single. What a song. It’s so euphoric.

    The rest of the album is decent. Nothing else jumped out at me on first listen, but I’m sure it will grow on me.
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  7. I must say as I walked up to HMV to get my copy on vinyl today it made me smile when i looked up and saw a massive promo panel taking up most of the front window and plenty of copies readily available inside!
  8. Don’t get me wrong, Golden has some great songs (Radio On, Music’s Too Sad, Lost Without You, A Lifetime To Repair) however lyrically despite it being mature and deep, it comes across as a 2D album about heartbreak with very little variety in subject matter.
  9. Like someone said it doesn't even have a light country flavour like the others so it would kind of not work as a lead or even on the standard. I'm quite happy they didn't decide to make it fit in with the rest more in adding a banjo or something. I love Golden and her reinvention as Dolly Minogue BUT I'm also beyond happy to have a classic Kylie track like this. And this is a classic Kylie track if I ever heard one.
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  10. Basically every Kylie album and most pop music in general is about love and heartbreak? The album might lack variety, but is the subject matter really the issue?
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  11. I’m not getting this at all.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Diving in now and 'Golden' is gorgeous.
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  13. My dispatch email hasn’t got a tracking number, nor does it say who the carrier is? So I assume it’s just gone in the regular post. So annoyed as I was so looking forward to giving this a vinyl premiere tonight! Ah well, never mind.
  14. I don't think it's 2D. Like the review in The Guardian said, it's an album about loss, breakup, finding life in middle age (with the combination of regret, hope, sadness, integrity, and wistfulness that comes with that), and a hint of death. I do think it's a breakup album though, despite what Kylie said about it not being just a breakup album.
  15. It's a country album in the sense that Taylor Swift's Red is a country album. i.e. not really country, more pop/guitar with a hint of country influence.
  16. The husband asked me why I needed a physical copy of the album when we have Apple Music and I nearly agreed with him, but boy was I glad I’d ordered that gorgeous deluxe edition book thing! Opening it just now was a moment indeed

    Only just up to Live A Little on my first listen but I’m really enjoying what I’m hearing so far (I was a little worried I wouldn’t...)

    Golden is the one for me at the minute
  17. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Yours Sincerely' has some nice lyrics, but it's let down by the production.
  18. Uno


    Yours Sincerely has taken over as the best song on the album for me.
  19. My dad with every record I bought in the 80s and the radio.
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  20. Red is way more country than Golden. I think Golden has only a few of properly country songs, whereas Red has only a handful of properly pop songs.

    Agree—the production reminds me too much of Britney's Lucky. I wish it hadn't been produced in quite such a teen pop way.
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