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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. This leak is probably the result of that additional work—why otherwise would it leak right now, a couple of days before the release? The only reason the contrasts sound stark is that we know they're additions and we're used to the original...
  2. But the first verse is identical to the album version. It sounds so odd that it then turns into a different style of song in the second verse. There is NO continuity.

    I think this is down to the poor production of Sky Adams.
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  3. To be fair it is hard to judge this remix with this shitty quality demo....and I think the video along with the song will connect the right dots.
  4. I'm not hearing the different style of song. It just hasn't a different vocal...
  5. GdZ are completely absent from the first part of the song and then completely involved from the second verse. It sounds strange. Compare for example their involvement on Bailando where it seems like a more complete song overall.
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  6. I'm waiting for its official release on Friday to really see what's up.
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  7. Even their work with Laura Pausini sounds more fluid than this. I blame Sky Adams.

    It's my fault for being hyped after listening to a poorly recorded on-set video clip.
  8. Maybe they should have introduced themselves at the beginning of the track like they do usually: "Gente de Zona!"

    I think the video will begin with a pre-song introduction without music, showing Kylie and the duo.

    I still would argue that you can't unhear the original so anything added without Kylie rerecording her vocals will sound jarring.
  9. Yeah which is why I think this would have benefitted from her re-recording them. It's what I was lead to believe she had done. Obviously not.
  10. People are doing the most with this. It follows the same structure as the majority of other songs that have been 'remixed' to include features in the last few years: Slumber Party, Doing It, Perfect, All Hands on Deck... just to name a few. I'm not sure what difference Kylie recording new vocals would have made. It sounds perfectly fine to me.
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  11. Exactly... to the people this is aimed at—apparently a Latin American audience who haven't heard the original—it's not going to sound any more discontinuous than the original sounded to us.
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  12. I really hope so! This remix could be huge if it's well produced and handled.
  13. Is the deluxe album available on vinyl? I've been looking but couldn't find it.
  14. Just the standard tracklist for the vinyl.
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  15. Quick - everyone in the UK. It's the hottest April the 19th ever. Go get a convertable and drive round to this album especially Shelby 68.
  16. Yeah i did that yesterday. Windows down full blast on the M5 in 24c sunshine. This album is absolutely made for summer driving!
  17. Is this going to be out today NZ Australia and Japan or like always Friday around morning time?
  18. Sis.
  19. #7 101k sold worldwide according to
  20. SPAIN
    8 (New) Golden

    2nd best peak behind the #2 of Aphrodite.
    Fever and KMO peaked at #9.
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