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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I want Lost Without You to be a single just so she films a video for it, I mean, we all know that'll be amazing.
  2. I just have this image of her in the crowd of a music festival slow-mo bopping when she says "and I'm dancing"...
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  3. SBK


    Its weird they go on to say they have no info on them, but if they're upcoming releases, thats info?

    Where are they being released? Hopefully, it's a normal reissue, not a limited to 100 units across 500 Morrisons supermarkets..
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  4. Has anyone how warm and open this sounds on vinyl? Way less compressed and flat.
  5. I get major Olivia Newton John vibes here:
    Before the sky was broken
    I can get in and out of trouble on my own
    Just don't leave me totally alone
    Baby, the world can see me dance
    The universe was ours and then it disappeared
    But the skies are still blue
    With or without you
    And now I'm standing out here, in the crowd
    And I'm dancing
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  6. I was watching that interview and was thinking I'm sure she tweeted that tweet after the Kylie Jenner thing can anyone confirm?
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  7. That would be good indeed.
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  8. She did yeah..:( glad the media haven't picked up on it
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  9. ??
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  10. The A-Z series, looks really good.
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  11. I will kill for Body Language on vinyl.
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  12. Same, be a work of art.
  13. I have no shame in saying Body Language is my favorite Kylie album. The influences, the imagery, the immaculate single run, WIG.
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  14. Always good to see some Body Language love!
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  15. I mean I do enjoy X as well and would also gladly take a vinyl release of it, the artwork has been gagging for it for years.

    It's Body Language > X > KM94 > Golden > Aphrodite > the rest for me.
  16. The Body Language album cover is a legitimate stunning work and I’d be proud to display it on the living room wall.
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