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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. In today's midweeks Kylie is back on the top 10. But she is dropping a lot in iTunes chart so there's people saying tomorrow will be behind Cardi B's album at #11..
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  2. Did It Again remains one of my favourite Kylie singles. Certainly the best from the Deconstruction era for me. I'd love to hear what she'd do with it on the Golden tour.
  3. There are massive posters on the sides of busses in London advertising the Golden tour. It’s actually quite impressive.
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  4. Ooooh, I'd love to see photos of these buses. Sounds cool!
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  5. How amazing if she went back into top ten....Golden seems to be selling well on amazon....fingers crossed.
  6. So how long is the new series of Jools Holland on for? I’d love for Kylie to do it when she’s back from her birthday vacation.
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  7. Kylie has saturated the British market with Golden promo, it should be selling well in the UK, and it is!

    Have your fabulous 50th party lady AND then promo the f**k in Germany again, France (where the album has dropped out of the Top 100), Spain and please please please - Australia!
  8. I love Breathe equally as much.
    And I cannot decide whether Did it Again or Some Kind of Bliss have better videos?
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  9. It's the former.
  10. It's obvious by the time the Breathe video was made, the budget was $2.50. Shame really because Breathe is an epic song.
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  11. HMD


    Any rumours about European dates outside UK and Ireland? I’m 2 and a half hours away by plane from London, you know..
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  12. Nada!
    Sayhey has rumoured November dates:
    Paris 5th
    Lyon 7th *two dates in France seems ambitious considering Golden has flopped in France - unless she's doing 5,000 seat venues?
    Zurich 9th
    Milan 10th
    Vienna 12th
    Hanover 14th
    Frankfurt 16th
    Berlin 19th
    Cologne 21st
    Copenhagen 23rd
    Oslo 26th
    Stockholm 29th
  13. They did quite well with the quality of the Breathe video despite limitations. I miss the 90s.
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  14. What about rumored US dates...?
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  15. Such fantastic news about Golden and its staying power in the UK! Even more amazing that it's her best performing studio album since Fever too. Brilliant!
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  16. LPT


    Cream always rises to the top.
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  17. Indeed!
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  18. Ray


    She is NEVER coming to Netherlands anymore after Les Folies. She'd rather play 20 dates on Faroe Islands.
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  19. Why?
    She'll probably perform on the French version of The Voice this month/start of next month. Although I am surprised she hasn't popped up in Cannes.
  20. Their source is from this forum a month ago, so don't take it too far. :P
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