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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Maybe she's rehearsing for New York Gay Pride (Island) and the Bowery Showroom gig?
    I wish she would get her hot ass down under - the lack of (live) Australian promo has been shite.
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  2. Once again, you are so so spot on.
  3. I’m more interested in the Sigala track getting a single push at the minute, honestly. He seemed to imply it would be out this summer, so I don’t think that’s far away.
  4. Hope so, looking forward to hearing it.
  5. I heard rumours a "surprise" was coming. So yeah, I'd say the Sigala track will be here soon enough.
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  6. LP


    So my brother in law is meeting Kylie fucking Minogue. I can't.
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  7. He’s dropping a track’s not the Kylie track
  8. Haven't you met her already tho?
  9. Aww! Oh well, hope we get it soon.
  10. Will be interesting if the Kylie collaboration is a single, and radio picks it up and it becomes a bigger hit than anything on Golden (not that Golden has produced a Top 20 hit anywhere)
  11. Apparently the Kylie track isn't going to be a single it's just an album track. hopefully she sings it on tour though omg imagine
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  12. I love how two of her tours have included GBI and Sometime Samurai.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Kyles hanging out with Kate and Stella. Amazing!
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  14. She's singing 4 songs on Friday on Radio 2 woohooo!
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  15. I wonder what 4?

    Stop me from Falling
    Radio On

    ..... I hope she mixes it up a bit.
  16. They always do a cover on Radio 2 and an old song, I wouldn’t expect four golden songs.
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  17. The fourth song will be a cover so maybe a Dolly or probably something totally different.
  18. I just heard back from Nova about the Golden Showcase in Sydney. She's not going to do it now, but we have been offered 2 tickets to her Golden tour next year.

    So I guess that confirms an Aussie tour announcement is imminent.
  19. If she doesn't announce European dates soon and take my money, I will have financially recovered from Mykonos in August bookings and start saving some bucks... which doesn't feel right!
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  20. Good info to know, thanks!
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