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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. Golden was never going to be pushed as a full release, as mentioned months ago it was a fan clip, R2 and some other stations picked it up and in that respect has done quite well on the air play chart, there will be other full singles x2, wouldn’t be surprised if the new singles performed on the voice tomorrow....but I don’t know that for definite.
  2. Be good to see the new single (whatever that will be) performed tomorrow.
  3. Thanks GB, does that mean no Golden remixes?
  4. Full singles x2, does sound very good to me!
  5. She did say a "singalong tour" so I'm rooting for those being in a medley.
  6. She is singing Golden tonight, Remixes drop Friday!
  7. I love the title track but they should just move to on to literally anything else.
  8. I’m interested to hear the remixes...she’s had some decent ones this era, but the title track seems so tied to its specific production that I’m intrigued as to how it can be reinterpreted.
  9. Ready for Golden (Initial Talk Remix).
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  10. LPT


    The tour sounds brilliant by that description... and a 20 minute interval?!
  11. She'll perform Golden. That's what I read on the media.
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  12. Has she been on yet?
  13. Oops, my mistake, just realised it is on at 8!
  14. Her team is incredibly stupid if they don't see that Shelby 68 is crying out for next single.
  15. Well that was bloody good. Great little performance and she looked and sounded great.
  16. Stellar performance. Loved it!
  17. It felt fresh huh? So pleased to finally get a performance of Golden.
  18. Yes, took it away from previous performances. Added that Kylie sparkle and you get cute & fun overload. Lovely.
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  19. Kylie literally smashed it out of the park with that performance, I look forward to seeing the song get some recognition now! Plus she is looking phenomenal at present. I think a good choice to give a slightly different flavour and nice to see a performance with dancers and choreo rather than the band set up of late. WE ARE GOLDEN!

  20. ENJOY!
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