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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Everybody’s favourite British Royal with Prince Harry.

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  2. Imagine hating fun
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  3. Anyone who hates Wow hates happiness. Though it’s all about the radio edit/mix for me!
  4. I love all of you but holy shit do I wish "Wow" was banned from being discussed in any Kylie thread on PopJustice.
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  5. I kinda love that these boards are most definitely the only place where an inoffensive song like Wow could possibily be seriously controversial.
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  6. B-b-b-but Karen Poole!!
  7. Wow is a harmless throwaway bop. I know people seethe that it turned out to be the bigger hit over In My Arms but they are both great to me.

    Bless Greg Kurstin for giving it to us. I do remember it coming from a late session for the album in which it was Greg, Kylie, and Karen Poole off in Ibiza for a week.
  8. Imagine if it had its own sub-forum!

    Me to! I listened to the album version yesterday and it feels rather empty compared with that edit, which has those extra little flourishes.

    Wow also gave us the three best b-sides in pop outside of the Pet Shop Boys. Carried Away in particular is a hidden gem!
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  9. Erm why is Flower 62 on UK iTunes?
  10. W2K


    It was used in a funeral scene for the character Finn in Emmerdale.
  11. I think they're going for the "candid" look, and yes, I think it works, she looks so naturally beautiful (rather than the dead around the eyes captured by <cough> others! Love the top right one, giving me Olivia Newton John in her prime teas.
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  12. Wasn’t Get Outta My Way used in a later scene? Queen of Fictional Farming!
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  13. I'm loving her aesthetic this era, she seems to be aiming for more realism. I wonder if that will be explored on the album?
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  14. Ray


    I can't stand either. Although I can't stand "In My Arms" more.
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  15. You make it so difficult for me to love you.
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  16. Wow is glorious. In My Arms is...irksome.
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  17. Wow is cute. I would get my life if it played in the clerb.
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  18. This performance makes the song:

    Rachel Stevens who?
  19. Backing dancer No 3 is triggering me... you have one job love.
  20. These all looks good! I am looking forward to this calender.
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