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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I liked Holly Valance's work but one made a dent in the charts and and the other didnt.
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  2. Yeah was released by Kylie following her biggest ever era, and the other was released by...Holly Valance.
  3. With 0,1% of the budget too.
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  4. I must have said it a hundred times on here but I really think Body Language would have had even greater impact had it been the album she released post-cancer.

    Imagine her singing "do you wanna here me sing (pop) 'cos I don't think I wanna (stop) guess who's back on top" and "I'm still standing... keeping you dancing, yeah." as she came back with a bang.

    I love 'X' but it was just too busy/messy and it didn't really have that massive ''yes, she's back!!" moment.
  5. X is such a soulless album, at least Body Language was warm and luxurious.
  6. Body Language was perfect. I love the album and the sound, I love the visuals, the videos, Money Can't Buy was amazing. Too bad she went with the Showgirl theme for the tour.
  7. In My Arms and Wow are huge so X is always welcome for me.
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  8. Dreams would've made a good name too
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  9. X has some of the best songs in her career. half of the album + the b-sides are brilliant.
  10. aux


    I think the issue with X is the same issue I have with Kiss Me Once. It's a clear lack of focus. Wasn't there a joke that every lyricist in London had written a song for Kylie's X? They had so much material, that they didn't know what to do with it. Same goes with Kiss Me Once.
  11. Kiss Me Once is nowhere near as hotchpotch as X for me, the hideous Sexercise aside.
  12. I don't think she's ever looked so good... everything just worked so well that era image-wise
  13. The lack of Body Language love ins was beautiful while it lasted ha ha!

    Had such a moment with One Boy Girl this morning. What a flawless track!
  14. I think that was nearly a week it lasted which must be a record!

    One Boy Girl is amazing. I love Kylie, Queen of Rap.
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  15. Main problem for me is that most of the bonus tracks are better than the songs on the second half of the album. So much potential wasted.
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  16. X and Body Language discussions.

    *In Buffy voice* ...must be Tuesday
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  17. Over the past few weeks, I've been re-watching Kylie's live DVDs. For anyone interested, here's my ranking (and a little info as to why I chose to rank them in that order.) ;

    01. KylieX2008
    'X' is a personal favourite of mine, not just the album but the era itself, including all the leaked tracks we got. I love Kylie's look/costumes throughout and the set is also pretty fantastic. For me, the setlist is almost perfect and vocally I think she sounds really strong.
    02. KylieFever2002
    A close runner-up. Obviously this was Kylie at her peak. I'm surprised more tracks from 'Fever' weren't performed though, considering how massive that record was. It would have been nice to have heard 'More More More' or maybe one of the B-Sides. Again, the set is great, Kylie looked fantastic and sounded strong.
    03. Body Language Live
    I just love her look in every performance. I think it's her best look overall. I loved hearing some of the album tracks live, especially Secret (Take You Home). Vocally, she's a bit nasally in places but aside from that I think it's a great show.
    04. Showgirl
    A good setlist. I personally loved hearing her perform 'j'nai sais pourquoi' and it's nice to have performances of 'Giving You Up', 'In Denial' and 'Please Stay'. I like most of the costumes and looks but the set design is rather boring.

    05. Aphrodite Les Folies
    Another great set, although the theme was a bit in-your-face for me. Vocally, I don't think she's as strong and much of her vocals sound nasally. I do enjoy the setlist though and some of the modernised mixes of older tracks.
    06. Intimate and Live
    I have a soft spot for this show as I love the Impossible Princess/Era. The setlist is good, if a little clunky. I do appreciate KM singing in a lower register and prefer her live vocals on this tour to some of the others. Obviously the show was on a limited budget and it shows but overall it's enjoyable.
    07. Kiss Me Once
    This one could be lower in my list, however I think the setlist is pretty strong, as are the new mixes of older tracks. It has to be said that vocally I don't really enjoy most of her performances and my God... the outfits are horrendous.
    08. On a Night Like This (AKA Live in Sidney)
    The DVD packaging for this is so confused - 'Live in Sidney' but the show itself says ''On a Night Like This''. The back of the DVD promoting the 'Fever' album when the show was in support of 'Light Years'. I know this DVD was released at the same time as 'Fever' but it comes across very sly - as if they hoped people would think it was a 'Fever' show. Anyway, I don't think much of the set/design or costumes. I enjoy the setlist but it doesn't provide much ''wow-factor'' at any point. Vocally she is strong and that's probably what makes this tour a notch higher than the next one on my list.
    09. Showgirl: Homecoming
    I just hate her voice in this. I appreciate all she'd been through. It's wonderful at the start to see her back and everyone so excited. Her emotion to be back but... I just think this tour/setlist was weaker than Showgirl. I do love 'White Diamond' but, again, her voice is not enjoyable. I don't like the re-designed costumes with, perhaps, the exception of the leopard onesie which looks cute.
    10. Kylie Minogue Live in Dublin
    I like the setlist... I like her vocals... I just hate the styling, the fact that each song has a dancebreak incorporated for no reason, the filming of it is cheap, the whole thing looks cheap. It's a nice to have and maybe I pop it on once in a while but mostly I can live without it.

    Be interested if others have (yes, I'm sure you'll have) a different ranking order!

    I hope we get a Golden DVD as I think that would probably rank in the top 5 for me.
  18. Apparently another stalker has been harassing her. Some of the "fans" don't know when to stop.
  19. X is certainly an album that I have grown to enjoy more over time. When it was first released it left me cold. I understand her wanting to try new sounds, but it felt a bit disjointed to me. When I saw the tour, I was also a bit confused. It felt very cold and distant.
  20. Oh no @spillett! You're number 10 is my number 1!
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