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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I love it when someone discovers her back catalogue for the first time. You are not that same user on Youtube that reacted to Can't get you out of my head a week back?

    Have you managed to go through all her videos yet? - Some incredible moments.

    Fave B sides/leaked tracks not mentioned/ are:
    Lose Control (X era - Should have been on the album IMHO!!)
    Sparks - This track is just so great and was a B side to Into The Blue Single
    Made of Glass - I think this is X era too
    Boy - Can't get you out of my head B side
    Loving You
    Excuse my french - Thought it was a fun song back in the day, plus she was dating French actor at the time.
    Magnetic Electric - Such a cool title - she should have called X that IMHO - If you like the song then check out her live version she did during Anti Tour concert
    Once you listen to her earlier PWL albums, if you like that style of music then listen to Made In Heaven - Lush 80's pop
  2. It was released on October 1st, 2001, same day as Fever. I kindof understand why they blatantly packaged it "next era" and I've let them away with it since the DVD wasn't titled On A Night Like This and because "...Head" is on there. It would've been nice if they had printed a backwards compatible sleeve, so that there was a Light Years era artwork option.

    She wasn't the only act to blatantly do this either. I seem to remember Westlife being particular fudge-factor abusers.
  3. aux


    I love all of the Fever b-sides, especially Rendezvous at Sunset. I wish these were easier to find for new listeners.
  4. She isn't singing on this though. It was a session singer I believe.
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  5. I actually purchased it and same day as Fever so that makes sense. I get what they were doing but it still annoys me. Even using thre Fever 'logo' on the cover too. No one needs to hear that version of CGYOOMH ever again.
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  6. In other news, Swinging Safari has been picked up for US release in the summer. European deal getting inked too.
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  7. Shame it’s an awful movie (and I say this as a huge fan)
  8. Anyone got the interview from Marie Claire? I only saw a quote about Paul which was lovely
  9. And of course Girls Aloud calling the Chemistry Tour The Sound Of on DVD, even using the same cover. Although I suppose most of the hits were at least on the DVD.
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  10. Please be kind, this is my first Kylie remix.....

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  11. Very good first remix! More to follow?
  12. Ha. I dunno. Maybe if it's fan demanded ha
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  13. Just heard a SAW musical is being planned for 2020!
  14. Tay Tay Tay Tay t-t-t-t Tay Take my money!
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  16. Really? What a fantastic idea if so!!
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  17. Why in the world has Spotify removed "Do It Again," "Carried Away" and "Cherry Bomb" from its library?!
  18. They're all still on mine, thank god. I was just listening to them today on my Kylie B sides playlist.
  19. I'm so happy for you.
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