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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I hate the GP.
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  2. Well Santa Baby was at 64,711,851 streams at the start of Jan (according to the Spotify thread on sayhey) so it has only done 200,000 streams in 2.5 months - Dancing has done around 2million streams since the start of Jan so there is a bid difference in numbers.
    It has to be taking into consideration streams around Xmas to still be so High.
    I fully expect it to drop after the 25th of this month.
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  3. It's kinda amazing though that her version is the one people tend to head for, isn't it?
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  4. Don't we all.
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  5. Me too. Kylie's tour setlists would be SO much more interesting if she didn't pander to them so much
  6. Kylie has had 14 studio albums alone aside from anything else. Such a shame so many gems get paid dust.
  7. To me, she's worth more than that. (a greatest hits singer/singles artist)

    I expect many would disagree.
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  8. I love many of the classic single she's done, but a change is as good as a rest as they say.
  9. On the other hand if she didn't play those hits for the GP she wouldn't play such big tours/venues!
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  10. In that way, it irks me that Madonna in general can get away with playing what she wants (especially lots of moans from the public about lack of classic hits on her 21st century tours) and still people flock to her shows, whereas Kylie won't take the risk.
  11. Haven't been here in a while but was listening to some of the KMO era and ughhhh, can we talk (again) about how good of an album it could've been if songs like Feels So Good, If Only and Waiting For The Sun got more attention.
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  12. You say that but the size of the venues and the nights she's played have decreased tour on tour. Mixing it up might tempt some people back?
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  13. I think so too.
  14. This gets mentioned time and time again on here and I've always thought she gets a good spread across her career. Judging from the Golden tour she did:

    Golden - 9 songs
    Aphrodite - 2 songs
    ROL - 1 song
    KM '94 - 1 song
    IP - 1 song
    Fever (her biggest album) - 3 songs
    X - 2 songs
    Body Language - 1 song
    LY - 3 songs
    EY - 1 song
    Kylie - 2 songs

    1 unreleased song.

    Everyone has their own personal "gems". Mine is 'Where Has The Love Gone' but I know she ain't going to do it live and that's ok with me.
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  15. What was the IP song?
  16. Breathe, but it got replaced with I Believe In You.
  17. Oh yes sorry I remember now. She did I believe at my show in Liverpool.
  18. I didn’t get either. Boo.
  19. The two casuals I went to the Golden tour with were hoping for Red Blooded Woman and Did It Again, so a little mix-up of classics would be more than welcome for both fans and casuals.
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  20. Cheers to the casuals for remembering those songs. I'm not sure I'd call RBW or DIA "classics", even though I do love the latter.

    We did get "I'll Still Be Loving You". Surely there should be room for only one random song.
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