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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. She could always do what Taylor Swift does and have one song that gets constantly changed out, or maybe two because she doesn’t have as many dates. Would be pretty cool to hear more obscure album tracks and less know singles!
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  2. That's correct, but the problem is that the 1/2/3 songs from her older albums are always the exact same ones. What's stopping her from performing Red Blooded Woman rather than Slow? Come Into My World instead of Love At First Sight? What Do I Have To Do and not Better The Devil You Know?
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  3. She ain't changing out Shake It Off. I don't know what other songs she sings as they're otherwise generic.
  4. She did do Come Into My World for the Kiss Me Once tour. She didn't do Better The Devil last time but she did Step Back In Time. She also did Never Too Late and Got To Be Certain last time round, so surely we can't be saying she is "always" singing the "exact same ones" from the "older albums".

    I get that we all have our favourites but no need for such sweeping statements. I think she gets the balance right for the largest number of people. Surely she deserves some recognition for that.
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  5. That literally has nothing to do with the point I was making but work I guess....
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  6. I don’t think she did?

    Also Slow had been the one song that has never been bad on tour so I don’t mind that one being the one constant.
  7. Because "Slow" is a Kylie classic, whereas "Red Blooded Woman," as much as I stan it, is not.
  8. God, her styling was never better than the "Fever"/"Body Language" years. She practically dripped cool.
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  9. And don't forget Where The Wild Roses Grow - only a snatch but considered part of the official setlist :)
  10. Totally - the other singles mainly get short shrift. Irritating.
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  11. I think it's more that certain songs (too many of them) are ostensibly log jammed in her sets and appear in every tour (more or less):
    Love At First Sight
    Spinning Around (SO needs to be dropped)
    I Believe In You
    All The Lovers
    The Locomotion or I Should Be So Lucky (generally one or the other as opposed to both)

    I call it "The Early Parlophone glut"! There's just too many of them!
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  12. I went to one of the Australian shows and don't get me wrong it was good (I have seen Kylie before in 2015 on the Kiss Me Once tour which was AMAZING!!!) but I was a little bit disappointed that the "Golden" album wasn't really the focus of the tour.

    Dancing, Stop Me From Falling, Golden, A Lifetime To Repair, Shelby 68, Lost Without You and very briefly Raining Glitter were performed on my date.

    I really wanted to hear One Last Kiss though. I would have gotten my LIFE to that. I thought for sure that and Radio On would have been performed and maybe even Low Blow since those words were on the video packages. So I am a little disappointed. Adding at least 2 more songs of Golden would have made it so much better for me. I'm a big fan of the new album and the audience I was with really seemed into the new songs as well. I am looking at the Wiki for the Golden tour right now and it looks like One Last Kiss was only performed once on the UK show then dropped. Radio On is on the setlist but not played at my show. Maybe it wasn't included for the Australian shows.

    (The setlist was a bit of a mystery for me as I didn't want to be spoiled)

    Listening to the album I always thought Live A Little would have went off if performed. Missed opportunity.
  13. I agree @HushLittleVoices

    I thought she was really going to be bold for a change and pretty much do the entire album (plus Lost Without You - which she'd already mentioned would be included). Mainly because the album had been such a success and she was so happy with it.

    So dropping songs from it as the tour has progressed has been disappointing and diluted the "here and now-ness" of the show, IMO.

    It's the same story - too many old, frequently performed songs.
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  14. I absolutely loved the 2 Sydney shows last week, one of her best live shows in my opinion. But I agree, it was too light on Golden tracks. I would have been happy if she'd included Radio On, I REALLY wanted to hear that live and the show didn't have a big ballad moment (Especially For You doesn't count). The other being Raining Glitter performed in full. I'd have been quite happy at that. Not too much to ask for I don't think.

    I loved all the new arrangements, not a dud there at all, but I do wish the regulars get changed up a bit for other old tracks, most specifically Spinning Around, Wow and Kids.
  15. I saw her at the o2 in London and everybody around me talked the whole way through Radio On. I mean I adore the song but it wasn’t going down well in the concerts so I’m not surprised she dropped it. The only song I’m surprised she didn’t perform from Golden was Sincerely Yours.
  16. Sincerely Yours, not being performed on the tour, really was a surprise. It would have been a perfect opportunity.
  17. Still Standing is still THAT shiny, confident bop.

    "Guess who's back on top?"
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  18. It really is! That opening performance of it at Money Can't Buy too, amazing!
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  19. Honestly incredible. Kylie Bardot at her peak & the animated POP! DROP! HOT! STOP! graphics.
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  20. The fact that she performed 7 songs from Golden plus New York City and Blue Velvet in the final setlist is more than enough. Let's never forget that for Fever she only performed 6 songs from the album. Aphrodite and X are the only times she's performed most of the album on tour (and X ended up being a 2h45 min show by the time it got to AU). Kiss Me Once was only 5 songs.

    Stans are always going to want every song performed, but realistically it's not viable. We get old classics in rotation (Devil hasn't been played on a main tour since the Oz leg of X) and we have to suffer through Kids because the locals get their lives to it.
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