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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Like distant_cousin I thought it would have been more Golden focused with Kylie being so proud of the album and it getting to number one here. A lot of people were raving about the show from the UK so I just assumed the show was Golden themed than the repeated songs that get played on every tour. A lot of them were the same songs sung on the Aussie tour of "Kiss Me Once" which is probably why I was underwhelmed with the show on the whole. It's my fault at the end of the day because I was wrong with my assumptions.

    Lost Without You was definitely the best moment of the show for me.

    I read that Sincerely Yours was never performed on the Golden tour way before the Australian tickets went on sale so I knew that song was not going to be included and I am a bit shocked like you guys because that song would have seemed to fit the tour perfectly when she mentions the fans who have been with her since 1988. That would have made me so emotional. I wonder why she doesn't perform it.
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  2. For me, the first half of the show was definitely the highlight.

    I was aware of the setlist, and this sounds awful, but I was aware that the second act was mostly going to be reductive, so I proceeded to get quite intoxicated, rather than pay it too much attention and then get pissed off.

    (I know what I'm like - I basically stormed out the KMO Tour saying "she's dead to me!" - slightly over dramatic, hehe, but I was SO pissed off with the boring, disappointing setlist)

    So, yeah, just went with the flow for the second half and let the songs I've heard a million times before wash over me rather than get irritated by her pedestrian attitude to her setlist.

    Myself and a few friends just found the Studio 54 to be something "tacked on for The Gays" - not that it was actually bad or not done well, just contrived.
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  3. aux


    For me it was between this, and the New York City / Raining Glitter / On A Night Like This medley. I lost it when Raining Glitter transitioned into On A Night Like This
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  4. *who’s

    Sorry. Eh eh!

    But I agree.
  5. I literally came here to post the exact same thing. Basically a song about her flexing because she knows she's THAT bitch and I live for it
  6. Still Standing, is just super empowering.
  7. Just now seeing these and will get around to trying them sooner or later. Thank you guys for your recommendations!!

    I'm still in love with X, by the way. This is the album I've stuck on to the longest. 2 Hearts, The One, No Rain, Like A Drug, basically the whole album are ear candy to me
  8. Ah Like A Drug, forever a moment.
  9. You really thought that was a possibility? That someone who has been around for decades, with dozens and dozens of bangers was just going to perform the latest album?

    If she did it would be unprecedented ie. live-career suicide.
  10. That's not what they said.
  11. The extended tour version should have been the opener to “X.”
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  12. I really do lover her cover of this must admit.
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  13. Oh, so bittersweet.When this came on I couldn't NOT see her in that black shift dress at Michael's funeral, looking pale and (of course) gorgeous.
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  14. I’m so glad this medley exists.
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  15. God, the Kiss Me Once tour was so weird.
  16. Like a drug could easily fit into most albums......This was epic performed on a skull on tour
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  17. Innit x
  18. The term "chucked together" springs to mind. And that scaffolding set was dreadful.
  19. I just wish she performed more album tracks on the tour.
  20. The scaffolding is a true WTF.
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