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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Life highlight is seeing Kylie perform Say Hey and Drunk at the Anti Tour. The vision of Kylie bathed in lasers for those two songs was other worldly.
  2. But the fact is that IP doesn't gel well. Those Manic Street Preachers tracks in particular stick out like a sore thumb but they were included because they were seen (at the time) to be more commercial than anything else on the record. So they didn't stand by the tracks already recorded and it resulted with the album sounding a little all over the place when I'm sure the album in it's initial phase sounded pretty coherent.

    It seems they started with a clear concept that never got fully realised.

    It was a risk releasing anything from that album and hoping it would be a hit - partly because Kylie's success was dwindling and partly because of the experiemental sound. Yes, sometimes albums with a mix of sounds do work but this one, for me, doesn't. I love the album A LOT but I can't lie and say it flows very well.
  3. But how many things in life DO gel well? Impossible Princess perfectly reflects the different genres of music I’d listen to in an average day in the late 90s.

    In the words of Alan Moore, “My experience of life is that it is not divided up into genres; it’s a horrifying, romantic, tragic, comical, science-fiction cowboy detective novel.”
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  4. What an album this would’ve been.

    Too Far
    Through The Years
    Say Hey
    Love Takes Over Me
    Take Me With You
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  5. Wish we had the radio edit of Take Me With You available on Spotify. I only ever had it on a cd called Wicked Women, or something.
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  6. Everything on that list is flawless but you forgot to include Did It Again and Cowboy Style? I’ll assume it was an honest mistake!

    Take Me With You is one of my favourite songs from the Impossible Princess era. It’s gorgeous (all 9 minutes of it).
  7. I actually left them out on purpose. I love both tracks but was going for a vibe that I feel those two spoil a bit
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  8. 'Take Me With You' and 'Tears' are essential parts of the 'Impossible Princess' story to me. I wish they had been on the album, but I'd struggle to find something to replace.

  9. I really, really love the performance of Too Far from the Showgirl: Homecoming Tour but I find that the studio version falls flat to these ears. A real shame.

    In terms of “IndieKylie”, KM94 is much more cohesive to me and the songs are much, much stronger.
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  10. Bar a few tracks on KM94, Impossible Princess shits all over it.
  11. aux


    I can see why people compare her self-titled to Impossible Princess, but I think they're vastly different albums. Kylie Minogue is warm and lush, with expansive and hypnotic tracks. Impossible Princess is sharper, edgier and colder. Sonically, it's a lot more underground than Kylie Minogue. Both albums create very different moods by the end of it. They're both phenomenal and extremely cohesive albums.
  12. 10 minute version or nothing for me.
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  13. Excuse me, Some Kind Of Bliss is a brilliant song!

    I actually love how Impossible Princess combines those rather experimental dance/electro/trip-hop sounds with indie-pop/rock. Technically it's not supposed to work, but it simply does. The only changes I would've made would be to swap I Don't Need Anyone (I don't dislike it by any means, but it's by far the weakest track) for Love Takes Over Me, and put Take Me With You on the album too (perhaps as a hidden track).
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  14. Disco Down is a thing of beauty. Never registered how much those bells add to the vibe before.

    Loveboat is a huge no tho.
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  15. Blasted out Butterfly today, the song that never loses its touch that's for sure.
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  16. Whenever people use the term "warm disco," they must be talking about Light Years. When the album is on point, it's just perfectly calibrated dance music---euphoric, thrilling, and ethereal. They achieved some kind of crazy sorcery where the tracks feel high octane and mellow at the same time. And some of these songs are Kylie at her melodic best. Disco Down manages to combine melodic complexity with maximum singability, resulting in the best track on the album and one of the best in her career. Your Disco Needs You feels a bit over the top at first, but when it starts serving those huge wonderful ABBA hooks, it just makes so much sense. Unfortunately, the album is way too fucking long and too many of the tracks mess up the vibe. I had forgotten just how out of synch the dreadful Bittersweet Goodbye is with the rest of the album (I almost thought my Spotify had switched to another album) and songs like Loveboat, Koocachoo, I'm So High, etc. make me think that they had a 15-song quota or something. For better or for worse, Light Years is the epitome of a Kylie album: serving brilliant pop music when it works but serving more than its share of filler. Still, the highs soar high enough that Light Years, despite the fat, is absolutely essential.

    Also, some of the Spinning Around shade I've heard in this thread is puzzling. It's a flawless lead single.

    Fav Songs: Disco Down, Spinning Around, Light Years
    Least Fav: Bittersweet Goodbye

    And since everybody else was doing it, here's my edited version of Light Years:

    1. Spinning Around
    2. On A Night Like This
    3. So Now Goodbye
    4. Disco Down
    5. Password*
    6. Your Disco Needs You
    7. Please Stay
    8. Butterfly
    9. Light Years

    *I dig Password but I'd move it down.

    That's an amazing record right there.
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  17. I always thought Confessions was warm disco. Quite compressed with those kick drum ducking synths to make it feel like the music folds around you. Get Together is the best example of this.
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  18. I always thought that Confessions was a colder mood, but the enfolding argument does make me reconsider. And then you do have a lot of warm touches, like the humming is Isaac or the Ray of Light title track teas of Future Love. But I think Light Years feels warmer because it evokes vintage disco a bit more than Confessions does. It actually just feels more disco in general. Confessions is tangentially disco whereas Light Years plays into that vibe pretty heavily.
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  19. This listening project is a lot of fun. I have always been heavily a Madonna Stan, so didn't really listen to Kylie's albums beyond a couple listens. I mostly fucked with the singles and the odd album track. This project is helping me re-discover some gems.

    Also, I've been reminded just how strong Kylie's voice is. I think she could have more variety in the way that she sings, but she can belt and has a lot of dexterity, far more than Madonna even though the latter has more vocal styles and more "characters" in her vocal arsenal. You can tell how much more power Kylie has because she serves vocal gymnastics all the time, which Madonna rarely does.

    Not trying to start any kind of war. It's just something I've noticed. Kylie is not given enough credit for the strength of her vocals. She vocally snaps on Kylie Minogue 94.
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  20. Password is so fun!
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