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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I am about two-thirds through and have learned a few things that I didn't know, which, as a hard-core stan, pleasantly surprised me. I hadn't realised that Johan Renck directed "Love at First Sight"; didn't know that "Cowboy Style" was about Stephane Sednaoui; and had no idea that the Manics' intervention in IP was due to the record company's insistence after she had completed the album - it would have been so much more consistent without their songs. She must be so angry about that. As an American, also hadn't realised that "Confide in Me" was kept out of Number 1 by Whigfield?!?!

    The magazine is periodically driving me crazy, though, with its multiple obvious factual mistakes/omissions. Clearly hard-core fans are reading it, so what is the point of lying/smoothing over things? It is infuriating, because I'll be in the zone reading it, only to be ripped out of it by lies/mistakes every few pages.
  2. Confide In Me, is perhaps Kylie's most robbed UK #2 I think.
  3. I’ve often said it but she never sounded as incredible than she did in the final minute of Dangerous Game. Absolutely mind blowing. She did THAT.
  4. Of her many #2s, I always thought Better The Devil You Know, Confide In Me and All The Lovers really should have been #1, they deserved it.
  5. All The Lovers, ONLY being as high as #3, when it was for my view the soundtrack of Summer 2010, just tragic!
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  6. All the Lovers peaked at 3 though.
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  7. As has been said many times before and will be again - her absolute career best vocal. If anyone says Kylie can't sing, play them that.
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  8. Melissa George was obviously a fan too for its use in Home and Away at her request.
  9. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    There wasn’t one TV promo performance of All The Lovers in the UK in its release week. I’m not sure there was *any* in-person promo of any kind.

    It still makes me so angry. They completely fucked her last feasible chance of maintaing her record a number 1 in each decade.
  10. Agreed. And one of those lies is Whigfield keeping Confide In Me from No.1. It was, in fact, Wet Wet Wet for the third time ever, having also deprived Got To Be Certain and Give Me Just A Little More Time previously. Although not with that same song.
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  11. Speaking of Kylie used in other media, this still has the power to make me a bit emotional. ":("
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  12. Kylie and Madonna both have so many masterpieces that should have been #1 for ages, but got stuck at #2. it's really frustrating.
  13. I just watched the 'All I See' video again and now remember that the video turned me off the song completely.

    What was up with the video? So cheap and nasty.

  14. Just 9 songs? Really? And I never get the hate for Bittersweet Goodbye. I think it's gorgeous.

    For me, it would be, if I had to trim it/change it (I wouldn't, it's great);

    01. On a Night Like This
    02. Spinning Around
    03. Disco Down
    04. Koocachoo
    05. Your Disco Needs You
    06. So Now Goodbye
    07. Password
    08. Ocean Blue
    09. Please Stay
    10. Cover Me with Kisses
    11. Light Years
    12. Butterfly


    01. Spinning Around
    02. Your Disco Needs You
    03. On a Night Like This
    04. Butterfly
  15. Yes, looking back, the lack of promo killed its chances of it being #1. In fact, lack of promo seemed to kill the Aphrodite era full stop.
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  16. Same. That flush of first love I had for it has turned to "meh" really. My brain switches off when I hear it or see it performed in concert.

    I could never say that for Can't Get You Out Of My Head, even though it's played/performed just as much.
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  17. You wouldn't have had Limbo without Breathe though - they were done with the same writers/producers.
  18. GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!
  19. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    She didn’t some award shows in Europe in release work - but in the UK, the only promo that was meant to cut through were mini concerts in Heaven and in Ibiza (!) for about eight gays who would have gone to those events at any time.

    Meanwhile the Britain’s Got Talent Live finals were happening that week.

    Very self-involved and “speak only to my base” promo. It’s a testament to how strong a song All The Lovers is that it even got to number 3.
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  20. is anyone else absolutely adores "under the influence of love" as i do? i just love how it has this balearic feel to it, not only sonically but also because it's a fairly deep cut in barry white / love unlimited's discography. it's like they dug a 7 inch of it somewhere at ibiza or heard it spinning at beach cafe and decided to do a cover. yes, it is not as lush as the original, but her delivery really suits the simpler production and it's just so breezy. melodically it's also a standout. definitely, my favourite kylie cover.
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