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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Kylie spoke about Better Than Today somewhere. She said that she had to beg and plead to get the song and Nerina didn't want to give it up. I don't think she said it outright in that interview, but she strongly implied she only got it because they said they'd release it as a single. There were other pretty reliable sources at the time that said it was part of the agreement.
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  2. Mess. Cause trash.
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  3. The issue with Aphrodite is that because it was so well produced by one person (Stuart) a lot of it sounds samey. Yes, it's cohesive but with Kylie, when she releases singles, I think people prefer them to be quite different from one another.

    I guess that's why a lot of people were championing Lost Without You as a single over some of the other tracks from Golden, because a lot of that felt samey too. Even the intros to the songs are very similar, with the twangy guitar openings.

    I've never really thought of Everything Is Beautiful as a single... I guess, it would have been different in sound and tempo to the other tracks. It could have worked well. I don't think it sounds much like All the Lovers?
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  4. Ahh, now I understand. Thanks.

    Right... not worth it at all.
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  5. Single or not, why did she even want it in the first place? It's by far the worst track on Aphrodite. Sometimes I can't help but question Kylie's taste in her own music...
  6. Oh no dear, the worst song by a country mile is Looking For An Angel!
  7. That's certainly.... a choice.
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  8. Wasn't Change your Mind supposed to be on Aphrodite or did I just make that up?
    It would have been a brilliant 3rd single to be fair.
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  9. As far as I know, it's an Aphrodite outtake.
    Love that we got two amazing songs from that instrumental.
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  10. Gosh, forgot about that song.
  11. Change Your Mind totally pales in comparison to Happiness. I don't think Kylie sounds good on it either.

    Everything Is Beautiful would've made a decent single, so would Aphrodite and Illusion. I really like Better Than Today though - worst song on an album with Cupid Boy and Can't Beat the Feeling? Please.

    I wonder what the brief was for Aphrodite. I feel like Stuart was hired because he delivered such a focused, concise record for Madonna that totally played to her strengths, but I don't think his chemistry with Kylie was all that really. There's something quite bland about his production across the board.

    Heartstrings not making the album/not even being finished is kinda criminal.
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  12. Don't be ridiculous.
  13. Apparently Jake from Scissor Sisters was working with Stuart at the time and suggested Stuart and Kylie work together. By that time Kylie was already recording songs for the album so I don't think they intentionally reached out to Stuart because of his work with Madonna.
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  14. I think the original concept was organic, emoto-pop, after the electro stuff on X.
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  15. She even had sessions with Frankmusik, if I recall correctly!
  16. Oh, I would have liked this.
  17. Put Your Hands Up is one of my least favourite Kylie songs. The verses are fine but the production on the chorus is so noisy and the melody is so forgettable.

    Everything is Beautiful and Too Much were right there waiting to be released.

    Even a faster remixed Illusion could have worked.
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  18. I'm trying to imagine what a faster "Illusion" would sound like, and it's not very good. The album version is fantastic as is.
  19. Like a helium chipmunk?

    Perhaps faster is not the right idea but beefed up production to make the chorus pop more on radio.

    I agree the album version is lovely.
  20. What ruins Put Your Hands Up for me is the live version, where the horrendous fan screams out “I AM” when she sings “...but no-one’s Looking in my eyes.”
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