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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. For me personally, the only "no skips" albums would be Impossible Princess and Body Language. I can listen to them from beginning to end, even include the B-sides and bonus tracks, and thoroughly enjoy it. Aside from these two, I agree – as much as I love Kylie, she always manages to put two or three duds on her albums.
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  2. I mean, it’s called “minimal” for a reason.
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  3. I'm not normally a fan of dubs but this is a brilliant 'Kylie remix for da clubz' that would go off:

  4. The beauty of Kylie (and this thread) is that there will never be an album that pleases all of her fans in unison after decades of music and eras. That’s the result of being a chameleon (and yes she is chameleonic) and that’s ok by me
  5. I agree. We all have our favourites and that's how it should be too.
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  6. Currently playing Body Language and it really is just a perfect chill out album. I will never tire of it.
  7. Bloody Minogues being responsible for my PTSD.
  8. I think she has a few genuinely great albums, but for me, it's definitely the overabundance of filler that holds her back as an album artist. For instance, an album like Fever. If the album wasn't bogged down with filler and had more songs close to the quality of its high points, it could have been a masterful pop record. As is, it's decent, but not particularly strong as a set.
  9. Perfect Kylie albums:

    Rhythm of Love.
  10. Albums I can listen to all the way through:

    Enjoy yourself
    Rhythm of love
    Impossible Princess
    Light Years
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  11. There isn’t a single Kylie album I can’t listen to all the way. However, there are Kylie albums I listen to more than others.
  12. I think I’ll never get what is it so special about Impossible Princess, except for the idea of «indie Kylie». Did It Again, Breathe and Manics' songs are good though.
  13. Out of curiosity which are the filler tracks in your opinion.

    For example I really don’t like Love Affair but many fans like it.
  14. Dancefloor and Give It To Me are the only real filler in my eyes.
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  15. This ^ and Silence are both stunners that really should have been on the album.
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  16. I've always thought that Kylie's inability to please her fanbase stems from the fact that her fans cross such a broad spectrum and they all come from different entry-level points and music backgrounds. There's a broad consensus on her top 15 or so tracks, but below that, for the other 350 or so, it's been shown over and over again that our fave Kylie moments vary wildly.
  17. That’s a pretty good problem to have. Stealth bitch.
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  18. This ridiculous piece of choreography always makes me laugh. Only someone as charming as Kylie could pull it off. I thought others might enjoy reliving it, so here it is in GIF form

  19. This is basically 90% of Golden.
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  20. Innit! If she goes down this route, I'll be losing interest and zoning out like I did for much of 2010-2017
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