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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Especially when they could reporting on things that matter rather than twisting words for their own pathetic narratives.
  2. Exactly. But that would be too simple of course!
  3. If Kylie is rejecting Madonna's invite for a stage cameo I doubt she is bothered by Mel B's comments.
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  4. This night, along with Douche Bag, are the only wants I properly miss after moving up North.
  5. I've decided that Kylie Minogue (1994) is her best album
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  6. Kylie Minogue 94 is by far her best album. It has everything: it's nearly all killer, no filler, except for maybe one track, it's a better marriage of atmosphere/experimentation and melody than Impossible Princess, it has her best vocals by light years (pun actually not intended, I swear), and it has pretty dope lyrics as well. I stan.
  7. By the Power Of Three, it is decided. KM94 is the #1 album.
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  8. For anyone still needing the On A Roll reference:
  9. I think a dark disco/funk sound would be perfect for the next album. Golden was the beach day/golden hour and this is the night that follows. Something cool like Need You Tonight would be perfect as the lead. I can also imagine them using a clever sample from a classic song.
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  10. See, for me, I really don't enjoy the majority of KM 94.
  11. I read this as a dark disco/funk lead single that samples Need You Tonight... and I kinda LOVE the idea. Of course, in reality, that would either be awesome, or come off really icky and exploitative (especially as its Paulas 20th anniversary next year)
  12. Could not have said it better myself. Not to mention it opens with her best song
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  13. 'Kylie Minogue' is a favourite for me too. The perfect mix of effortless cool and ambitious curation. It also plays as a mixtape of so many sounds from the 1990s that I just love - piano house, chunky bass-fuelled R'n'B, sweeping orchestral ballads... Kylie definitely delivered the best studio vocals of her career on that album. The only song I don't love is 'Time Will Pass You By', but once you throw in the B-sides and bonus tracks of 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now', 'If You Don't Love Me' and 'Love Is Waiting', all is forgiven.

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  14. KM94 would've been perfect if Where Has The Love Gone? and especially Time Will Pass You By had been swapped for Nothing Can Stop Us, Love Is Waiting, and Gotta Move On/Love Is On The Line.
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  15. I only like the first two singles.

    My favourite song from the era is Where Is The Feeling BIR Dolphin, but the album version is shit.
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  16. Itsbeen84years.jpg re me waiting for a gosh darn remastered version of this
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  17. Has anybody got the KM94 white vinyl that first popped up on Sainsbury's and then reached all of Europe?
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  18. Yeah I managed to get that one. Wishing for Body Language every day since!
  19. Yes I managed to get it too.

  20. Why is this better than everything on Body Language, apart from Slow?

    It was my least favourite Kylie album but there were some off-cuts that could have made the overall tracklisting less dry and flat.
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