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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. It absolutely is. Just an absolute album of class.
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  2. It was probably a ‘too little too late ‘ attempt to recreate the Confide In Me sound. But most people had already moved on.
  3. Is it bad I prefer the Bish Bosh mix more these days?
  4. Not at all, the Dolphin Mix sucked.
  5. It's her best body of work for me. Automatic Love, Confide in Me, Put Yourself in My Place, Dangerous Game, and Nothing Can Stop Us are all discography highlights
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  6. I would agree, but Where Has The Love Gone? and especially Time Will Pass You By kinda of ruin it for me. If it wasn't for these two duds, it would easily be my favourite Kylie album. I wish they'd put Nothing Can Stop Us, Love Is Waiting, Gotta Move On, and Difficult By Design on it instead. Perhaps even If You Don't Love Me.
  7. I adore 'Where Has The Love Gone?'!!!
  8. While we're on the topic of KM94, can someone share the original version of Surrender, I can't find it on youtube everywhere

    I absolutely love the album, but I am a little surprised that out of 10 songs, 4 are covers
  9. I must be one of the very few Kylie fans who doesn't like KM94. Confide and Put Yourself aside, it doesn't do anything for me at all. Impossible Princess, on the other hand, is a whole other story.
  10. Could someone please explain what is wrong with Time Will Pass You By? It's a bop and a half, why all the hate?
  11. In my opinion, the rest of the album represented progression, whereas "Time Will Pass You By" didn't offer that same level of progression.
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  12. It's not bad, it just doesn't seem to fit on the record. At the End of the Day would've made for a much cooler, more sophisticated ending.
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  13. I'm with you on that one-it's by far her worst album for me aside from the singles and a couple of tracks. So many songs outstay their welcome by going on and on and on without going anywhere. The only thing that saves it is the gorgeous vocals. I never understand the love this album gets!
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  14. That's a pretty lovely interview.
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  15. I'm with you also. I don't dislike it but I don't really relish in it when I go back and re-listen. I find much of it just 'okay'.
  16. It’s dated as hell now with the typical M People sound/production BUT I have to say I still enjoy it and Kylie absolutely slays the vocal as per the whole album. I do enjoy it as a body of work but would’ve liked some serious edits on the latter few tracks......
  17. Yes. Yes you are. The Dannii Minogue thread is down the road.
  18. Not when there's 6 of us, on this page alone, who agree.
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  19. Where Has the Love Gone? and - cowers - Falling are the only two I skip.

    Time Will Pass You By has a great melody, especially in the verses, but the production sounds really odd compared to the rest of the album.
  20. It's interesting you say this because the bookends of the album are both outliers. It's just that Confide in Me has aged much better.
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