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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. They both need to do more Homework. lol
  2. This is probably very very old news but has anyone else noticed that in the radio edit of A Lifetime to Repair when she sings “saves me from the dragon” there’s a dragon roar on the left side of the audio split? I didn't realize until just now when I was listening to the song super loud while I was running.
  3. Also he seems to think that Neighbours was not popular in Australia, or that Australians were baffled by Kylie's success overseas given that she was not successful in Australia?! Didn't Locomotion spend 7 weeks at the top of the charts in Australia before she got to PWL?
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  4. A year ago today, I was dancing with Kylie!
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  5. It was never intended for a double A-side, it was intended as the B-side for Come Into My World. Someone in Madonna's camp supposedly stopped the release, though it was not Madonna herself.
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  6. I never ever got the hate for Bittersweet Goodbye. It’s hands down one of her best and most personal ballads (about Michael Hutchense’s death, wasn’t it?), plus the production is artistic, interesting, haunting and her vocals beautiful. Like a twisted lullaby. In my opinion it even sits on Light Years giving it some much needed contrast. So much better than for example the whining, bland and generic Paper Dolls which so many seem to prefer.
  7. I do like Bittersweet Goodbye, but I also first listened to the song at a time when I thought Victoria Beckham's IOU was a fine ballad hehehe. I'm not sure how I would objectively rate it today if I could listen to it for the first time again.
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  8. Bittersweet Goodbye was a b-side at best, really not worthy of the mighty Light Years. There were far better songs that didn't make the album.
  9. Poor Kylie:

  10. Sorry if already posted.
    Brighton pride tribute to Kylie using New York City.
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  11. Did Music Will Always Love You ever leak in full?
  12. They probably did that when they found out that Band Aid 20 was definitely happening and there was no chance of a #1. Scheduling the single release for two weeks after the album didn't help either!
  13. The tabloids running the story over and over of "Alone Again" being Kylie's new AA-single was probably what did it for the song. It heaped on massive amounts of pop-history-in-the-making banger-expectation for what is a clearly low-key downbeat song.

    Madonna's team preparing for the launch of the Bond theme and American Life shortly after probably didn't need the additional hurdle of that.
  14. If Light Years had to have a ballad, Ocean Blue was right there. A fucking GREAT song
  15. Her look really reminds me of the new backdrop for Step Back In Time for some reason, maybe it's the makeup
  16. "Running the story over and over" and "heaped massive amounts of pop history"? I know we like drama and to over-exaggerate but I don't remember there being much reporting on this? Plus, Team Madonna didn't have a problem with it being used on her documentary.

    In hindsight it would have made a good album track on what X should have sounded like, something more emotional and with White Diamond on it.
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  17. Bittersweet Goodbye, Paper Dolls and Ocean Blue are all excellent.
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  18. I think since the Glasto performance, I really cannot get enough of Kylie!

    I have been blasting out random songs and one of my forgotten faves from Body Language:

    Loving Days

    It really is a stroke of genius and I cannot understand how I forgot about it!
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  19. Still one of my faves
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  20. It’s always baffled me that Disco Down gets paid dirt. It’s my favourite song on Light Years and is in my all-time Kylie top 5.

    As for Bittersweet Goodbye, Light Years was such a special era, my glasses are not only rose tinted, they’re heart shaped.

    The only bad thing to come out of the Light Years era (IMHO) was a few truly unlistenable remixes. And even then, the CD singles were still worth buying for the artwork...
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