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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. The problem with those missing songs is they don't fit in anywhere. Cd1 has no space for more and random Parlo singles would sound odd on CD2 Did it again would also sound odd next to the PWL stuff.
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  2. There should have been a third disc with the entire Impossible Princess album.
  3. Isn't there going to be a more complete repackage for this Xmas?
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  4. It's rumoured, (hopefully with a DVD of the 'Golden' tour)
  5. Rumoured by anyone outside this thread?
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  6. Probably not!
  7. I'm really surprised Kylie wasn't pushed in the US around this time. Did It Again could have done very well on the charts.
  8. Not happening.
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I don't think Did It Again would have sounded too out of place next to Breathe or 2 Hearts or Kids or even Dancing.
  10. The weird thing with Did It Again that gets forgotten about in the ‘wilderness years’ narrative was that it was always on Radio 1 and for weeks. To be fair this was the Radio 1 of Mark Radcliffe et al. but still: ignored it was not.
  11. Plus this happened:

  12. I think after Confide in Me was released Stateside and then Imago Records folded almost immediately, Kylie probably didn't see any point looking for another US record deal.
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  13. I preferred this Aussie performance, and she wore the red dress!!

  14. Dress? Looks like a shirt with pants to me! Very good outfit in any case.
  15. Sorry yes that's what I meant. The blood red outfit she wore in the video.
  16. Thanks! Makes sense. Confide in Me is a gorgeous song and it's one of my favourite Kylie songs, but just don't think it was a good choice to try and launch Stateside with the music in their charts at the time.

    I just want to say I appreciate everyone who responds to me in this thread re: Kylie and gives me the historical context of what was going on in her career at the time. I know some of it, but I was a kid during her most of her reigning years and lived in Canada so while I see some of her history and how she did in the charts, there's still a lot to learn about what was going on at the time (like single choices falling through or why she wasn't pushed in certain areas at a certain time, etc.) so I appreciate it!
  17. Pleasure! I'm Australian and over 40 so know her career very well. I also did a 2 year stint in Toronto and yeah some Canadians are up on her career (other than Locomotion/CGYOOMH/Love at First Sight) but not overly common either.

    But yeah they did release Confide in Me in America which did chart on the Billboard Dance/Club charts. I have the Canadian version of KM94 somewhere with the bonus French version of Confide in Me.
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  18. Probably my favourite from the Deconstruction era!
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  19. I think it certainly deserved its place over certain other non-singles and singles that peaked outside the top 30. It did get to number 14, after all.

    Of course, it should have been a top 5 smash.
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  20. Nope
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