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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Plus this too.

    I think Did It Again, like Put Yourself in My Place, fell victim to being released in the last week of November when single sales were generally peaking for the year. Looking at that chart linked above, at least seven of those singles above Did It Again were monster releases.

    Underperformer, but not an all out flop, like someone said above, Did It Again was rather inescapable on music channels. And let's not forget, it was an improvement on the previous single position.
  3. I still find it a shame that such a fantastic song as Put Yourself In My Place, just missed the top 10. Still, it will always be a Kylie classic and one of her best 90s singles regardless.
  4. Preach! Put Yourself in My Place is gorgeous, and one of my all-time favourite Kylie songs. I love her vocals on it.
  5. Me too, her finest ballad and an absolute killer vocal performance. Oh, and THAT music video too. Wow, just perfection all round.
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  6. The red wig and huge false eyelashes - she looked amazing.

    Did they ever seek permission to copy Barbarella in that video, or was it different enough that they got away with it?
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  7. Hmmmmmmmmm
  8. I'm OK with this.
    I would rather a new studio album end of 2020 and maybe an Anti Tour II early next year. All I need from Kylie.
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  9. People expecting the “Christmas reissue of Step Back In Time” to contain anything new, exciting or from the missing list will end up disappointed. Keep expectations low.
  10. I just don't get the point of re issuing Step Back In Time exactly as it was just a few months before.
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  11. Well I have heard/been told two different versions of what will happen with the Christmas reissue with the latest being VERY uninspiring.
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  12. Sounds interesting (or rather perhaps not), thanks for the heads up.
  13. Something like this would work for Christmas shows....

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  14. Christmas card edition with 'Santa Baby' tacked on the end?
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  15. Any Kylie Christmas shows confirmed?
  16. Again, I have heard two different reports l but with the latest I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

    The frustrating thing with Kylie is the speed and frequency that things can change so I get why people are reluctant to reveal information they get about her.
  17. Just watched The Delinquents for the first time properly, and Kylie really is fantastic in it!
  18. Ha, I saw it for the first time this year too. I love the scenes with her Aunt. I can't believe this film doesn't have cult status.
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  19. It so should do!
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  20. Thanks for the info but if it is uninspiring then I just don't get the point - although I'm sure people will still buy it. It wouldn't take much effort to give us something extra that we might actually want and then you add at least another 20,000 sales to the project.
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