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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Is it another cassette edition, but with a live version of Santa Baby from a download code?
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  2. Queen of giving the gays exactly what they want from 1987... to now when we beg for scraps...
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  3. I hope it's not another cassette release to be honest.
  4. I'm guessing the Christmas edition will just have Santa Baby and maybe another track from Kylie Christmas. What a shame.
  5. It's just gonna be the greatest hits and Kylie Christmas put together in a new cardboard sleeve isn't it?
  6. It's actually a great film, where did you watch it if you don't mind me asking, I'd love to watch it again but only have it on VHS.
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  7. F**k the cassette's! Let's be honest! The Golden cassette was cute, but aside fro
    All this queen wants is a long extended holiday/break for the old girl - an Anti Tour II early next year - I don't want the UK/European summer tour to come to Australia - I thought on the most part it was pretty basic and paled in comparison to the Golden tour.
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  8. I enjoyed it but just saw it as a nice sing along bonus in the warm weather I wasn't expecting it to be an arena quality show.
  9. Yes. You are correct. Maybe I was expecting an arena tour production/set-list quality.
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  10. Where's Wally? (Kylie)

    I hope she's having a fabulous holiday somewhere.
  11. That's quite alright, it is through Amazon, you can rent it via Prime for £3.50, or buy outright for £7.
  12. Listening to Kiss Me Once (again!). I love how this is an album that I always go back too. It really has so many fantastic songs on it and her vocals are just superb.
  13. Cheers, I might just watch this tonight!
    Kiss Me Once is a superb album, its in my top 5 Kylie albums.
  14. Kiss Me Once love? I'm here for that, what a great album and era!
  15. Sleeping with the Enemy is such a phenomenal track
  16. THIS and If Only, Feels so Good are the best songs on it.
  17. Feels So Good, If Only, Sleeping With The Enemy could have been an epic singles run.
  18. Skirt, Sexercize, Mr. President could have been an epic singles run!
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  19. I wish we could've seen the three "albums" that she recorded for the Kiss Me Once era and how all the released tracks slotted into the genres. How does everyone else slot them?

    "Pure Pop"
    Into The Blue
    Million Miles
    Sexy Love
    Les Sex

    I Was Gonna Cancel
    Feels So Good
    Mr. President

    If Only
    Kiss Me Once
    Sleeping With The Enemy
    Waiting For The Sun
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  20. In Prague?

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