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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. This is insanely good.

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  2. Fantastic!
  3. I think an album of collabs with other girls would be cool but I’d be more interested in seeing Kylie working with current dance acts like Camelphat and Purple Disco Machine. Both of those would suit her perfectly in the Kylie that we know and love way, while still sounding current.
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  4. You know when Tom Jones did his Reloaded album... could something like that be cool for Kylie? Either re-workings of her 'hits' featuring other artists or new songs/covers of classics... I don't know why that came to mind but it could be a fun project at some point. Surely there's loads of people who'd want to collab with her (upcoming artists and those we all know and love).
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  5. Interesting concept, what that could work if done right with the right artists also.
  6. Sign me up for either of these ideas.
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  7. No.
  8. I don’t really want to see her working with “current” pop stars that all sound the same.
    I know it’s unlikely but Id prefer to hear an updated indie Kylie and hear what the Impossible Princess has to say in 2020.
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  9. Let’s not do this.
  10. Her 2020 official calendar apparently has the Step Back in Time theme too, with pictures from 'throughout her career'
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  11. I’m actually fine with this if they do it well
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  12. Sis, did you really just...?
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  13. I want a Kylie album done with Honey Dijon. The wigs would come off and get pul-ver-ised.
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  14. This concept could be quite interesting, but not a project that she should be releasing any time in the near future. She just released a greatest hits album and finished touring to promote the album.
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  15. I agree. I’ve always thought she should do an album like Tom Jones’ Reload - it worked wonders for him at the time. She’s still just about cool enough to pull it off and I don’t think she would look like she’s chasing the youth. It seems so natural with Tove Lo.
  16. No, I was thinking something she could do as a future project. We need a few more original albums first.
  17. This. Anytime I listen to Dished or Body Funk I can literally hear her singing in my head. Someone make it happen.
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  18. I want a Kylie album that sounds like it would fit on the Italians Do It Better label.
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  19. I just hope we get the new album in 2020. But we'll see of course!
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  20. Late 2020 could be a go-er!
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