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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. I don’t remember much from the KMO tour but I do remember the Skirt interlude being a pleasant surprise
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  2. I also remember the INXS cover very well.

    It went OFF at the Sydney show.
  3. That was the highlight for me.
  4. There was a reason my first drag performance was Kylie's cover. Mixed with Mr President, of course. I'm iconic like that.
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  5. I love "Skirt." I was just acknowledging that both "Skirt" and "Mr President" share similar production styles; however, one is a massive bop and the other is literally just noise.
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  6. One has a great chorus - one doesn't !
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  7. Yes, that was certainly a highlight and one of her best live covers.
  8. I still maintain to this day that the dance album she wanted to release with Kiss Me Once would have been KILLER. I mean, Skirt, Mr President, Sexercise...moments that were most pleasing to me.
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  9. I hope we one fay get physical releases for her work with Garibay.

    Parlophone were complete and utter twats.
  10. Mr President is kick-ass awesome. The only problem I have with it is that I still don't know what some of the lyrics are. (and no, lyrics sites do not have it right imho)
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  11. None of Kiss Me Once is offensively bad (maybe I Was Gonna Cancel, though I have been known to bop on occasion) - it just felt very directionless and generic. Same goes for the artwork & general styling of the era.

    Had she gone all out and committed to the Skirt/Mr. President/Sexercize/Les Sex sound, it'd probably have flopped the same but at least she would've been trying to do *something* new.
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  12. I play Kiss Me Once far more often than Golden. I acknowledge and respect the latter for what it is -- Kylie really seemed to be emotionally present for it, and it has a concept -- but I just like the songs on Kiss Me Once more. The only song I'd straight up delete is "Beautiful." Far too much Enrique for my taste.

    PS: "Into the Blue" is a stellar track, and the single cover should have been the album cover.
  13. I didn't think her latex wardrobe was generic at all.

    Loved her latex looks and vibes.
  14. If I could like this post several times, I would.
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  15. I don't think she really wore that much latex for it to be a defining look for the era.
    It also has no correlation to the sound of the album (if she had gone full EDM, it might have).
  16. Nothing makes me happier than having her on shuffle and getting such a random selection. So far I’ve had Confide (on a night tour), We Know the Meaning of Love, To the 9’s (not her we know) and Never too Late!
  17. On paper, Kiss Me Once is everything that a Kylie album in 2014 should've been.

    Exec produced by the biggest name in pop at the time Sia, a track by young upcomer MNEK, a track by Pharrel who was going through a bit of a renaissance at the time, a nod to the alternative/underground through songs with MNDR and Ariel Rechtshaid (who was hot off the heels after his work with Solange, HAIM and Sky Ferreira no less).

    It's a shame that Team Kylie, Parlophone and Roc Nation all seemed to have a collective brain fart and decied to play it safe with the final product.
  18. I don't think it would have mattered. Kylie was going through a trough where pop-cultural focus was on other artists combined with very-quickly changing goalposts for what constitutes a "success" in the music industry. Kiss Me Once could've been her best work, but it would still have underperformed.
  19. I don’t think Kylie’s ever had much success attaching her name to mainstream writers/producers to try and get a hit. Whether it’s Sia, Pharrell, Manic Street Preachers, M People etc it just never seems to work out properly.
  20. No. It was everything that a Kylie album should have been in 2004.

    Twitter proves the album we got was not the album they were originally recording.
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