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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. That's quite true actually. She seems quite better working with more unknown I think.
  2. Anyone know what she sang at the LV party the other day?
  3. Just popping in to say that Your Body came on shuffle today and it still goes all the way off

    thank you for your time
  4. My favourite Kylie song and one of my favourite songs of all time.
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  5. This is so bizarre to me, in a career as expansive as Kylie's!
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  6. Love At First Sight.......sigh......
  7. Thanks! Lol
  8. Again?! Hey ho, suppose it wasn't like she was going to be singing What Kind Of Fool at that time of event anyway.
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  9. She's not going to be singing What kind of fool at any event ever.
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  10. I refuse to ever give up hope!
  11. Spending this cold Autumnal evening with YouTube and a playlist of some chilled Kylie moments. Currently playing a song that is by far the essential Kylie ballad, and the song, and video, not too mention the lady herself, are just all just absolutely breathtaking in every way. Can only be this:
  12. I struggle to settle on a favourite Kylie song but this is definitely up there as a contender
  13. Truly a magnificent song. Fun fact, everyone thinks she removes her left sleeve twice, but she actually doesn't. Can you see why?
  14. You know I’d never noticed that before. I assume they flipped the screen?
  15. Something I'd never noticed too, cool fact that.
  16. Yes of course :) It looks like they were doing all sorts of flipping and rotating to create the weightless effect. So either they messed up by flipping that shot, or they should have had her *actually* remove the same sleeve twice so that it looked normal!

    ps: If anyone has the raunchier version, please share! It used to be on YouTube but disappeared a while back. It's a lot more revealing.
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  17. I really just adore Put Yourself In My Place. #11 was just way too low for it.
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  18. Well had they included a few of the tracks they had stored as b-sides instead of a few (pretty lame) remixes, it would have fared better.
  19. Whilst I do really like Put Yourself In My Place, at the time of release I wasn’t in love with it. Yes it’s a great song and vocal, but after the curveball of Confide In Me, I’d maybe just hoped for more in that vein. Personally whilst I’d have kept it as a single I’d have gone for Dangerous Game as the Xmas ballad release......
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  20. I had started getting 'Put yourself...' stuck in my head in the weeks before it was announced as the second single which I took as a good sign that it was the obvious next single.

    It was odd though that she signed to a dance label and then released a ballad as a single. Especially when 'Confide' wasn't a club banger either. But 'Put..' was the obvious most quality song on there for second single.
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