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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Best Album: Aphrodite
    Best Single: Get Outta My Way
    Best Video: All the Lovers
    Best Tour: Aphrodite Les Follies
    Best Single Artwork: Into the Blue
    Best Album Artwork: Golden
    Best Vocal: Radio On
    Best Album Track: Fine
    Best Xmas Album Track: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
  2. Great advert.
    Looking forward to seeing the Channel 4 programme tonight as well.

    In terms of gifts, I got the standard Golden Tour DVD and 3CD Step Back In Time. My dutiful parents (or Santa...!) read my Christmas list well!
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  3. MOST of NSW*.

    It also doesn't change the fact it's been burning for over 7 months. So.
  4. Agreed. The timing is great because they are really concerned about tourism going up in flames (excuse the pun) too — so they are looking to inspire people to book trips and spend their cash in Australia. That’s no bad thing.
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  5. Without sounding uncaring, extreme bushfires have been pretty common at this time of year for the last few, or at least, it feels like they have, so they would have known going into the project the liklihood of a bushfire event occuring.
  6. Kylie is part of the Dolly documentary on the BBC right now
  7. Best Album: The Abbey Road Sessions fight me
    Best Single: Into The Blue
    Best Video: Timebomb
    Best Tour: Aphrodite Les Folies
    Best Album Artwork: Aphrodite
    Best Single Artwork: Into The Blue
    Best Vocal: Into The Blue
    Best Album Track: Illusion/Kiss Me Once
    Best Xmas Album Track: Every Day's Like Christmas
  8. ‘Christmas Isn’t Christmas ‘Til You Get Here’ was using during Gavin & Stacey tonight; love James C showing some Kylie love.
  9. Best everything: I Was Gonna Cancel
  10. Had a few drinks this Christmas have we?
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  11. Imagine thinking her Christmas album is the best she's done in a decade.
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  12. Best Album: Kiss Me Once
    Best Single: Music’s Too Sad Without You
    Best Video: Timebomb
    Best Tour: Aphrodite Les Folies
    Best Album Artwork: Aphrodite
    Best Single Artwork: Into The Blue
    Best Vocal: Music’s Too Sad...
    Best Album Track: If Only/Feels So Good
    Best Xmas Album Track: Every Day's Like Christmas
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  13. I’m enjoying her TV special with Alan Car. Makes me want to listen to non-stop Kylie again.

    The hidden camera scenes in the taxi are hilarious.
  14. Did she fist fight Dannii in her dressing room in the special?
  15. I can’t watch the current special but I did get my gay life to the Royal Albert Hall Christmas special.

    Kylie > baby Jesus
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  16. RJF


    Oooof, this acoustic rendition of “Hand On Your Heart” is stunning and I’m welling up. She is a gift.
  17. @MistakenBiology Watching you right now! I can’t even imagine what you were feeling but you’re holding it together more than I would be!
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