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Kylie, in general.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Weezerfan, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Agreed! This divides some people but I love it
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  2. J.Lo and Ricky Martin were really big back in late 90s to early 00s that's why some mainstream artist like Kylie and Toni Braxton released songs that are latin influenced. I actually like Please Stay compare to Kids. It's sultry, sexy and just right during that time.
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  3. Compared to Kids, perhaps but I don’t think it should have been a single when there are at least 3 songs on the album which would have made stronger single choices.
  4. It’s kind of irks me that Kylie always seems to come just before these big trends happen, I always felt like she worked with Calvin Harris before it was cool
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  5. Genuinely one of my favorite Kylie songs. Something about it is just so... perfect.
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  6. It feels like the natural bridge between Light Years and Fever, so works perfect.
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  7. Calvin got a bigger jump up out of his connection to her than she did
  8. Why would that irk you? Isn't it a good thing that she's ahead of the trend?
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  9. She's just far enough ahead of it that she doesn't profit from the buzz. Like, yes, it's awesome she's ahead of the curve. But we're talking about $ucce$$ here.
  10. Yeah Kylies brand would benefit from being bang on the trend than ahead of it and in recent years...the tail end of it.
  11. I never understood why Roc Nation didn't schedule a session for the two of them during the Kiss Me Once sessions, considering they were both managed by Roc Nation at the time.
  12. To be honest "In Your Arms" is the only thing they did that was fantastic. Everything else we've heard was... less so. Maybe you can't catch lightning in a bottle twice.
  13. I love how Fever didn't do an obvious thing and open with Can't Get You Out Of My Head either.
  14. Yeah this is what I was getting at
  15. Random fact, but I'm working on the discography rate reboot right now and I just found out that the 2010 version of 'Let It Snow' has a different vocal to the version included on Kylie Christmas?! Apparently it was re-recorded in 2015, even omitting the little "yeah" Kylie does at the end of the first version.
  16. I always sing “yeah” at the end but thought I imagined it/made it very strange
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  17. I'm sure Kylie does it when she performs it live too?

    I do prefer the vocal on the 2015 one though, it just sounds fuller.
  18. As somebody who finds Kylie's albums to be pretty patchy (almost all of them have fantastic highs but there's too much filler), I will never understand the hate fans have for Body Language. It has very little filler, the production is amazing, and her take on funk and R&B is interesting. There's a certain jaggedness to it that resonates with me. Yes, the album lacks big hooks, but so what? There's no requirement for pop music to have big hooks. There are other approaches to melodies and toplines.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Coming from Light Years and Fever Body Language didn't exactly offer me what I was expecting from a new Kylie album which didn't make me a fan initially at the time. (It's just odd when you're kinda thinking 'here's one new album I can count on being full of big pop songs with huge hooks' and it ends up.. not really doing that) But in hindsight it's one of her more cohesive albums with it's own clear sound as opposed to X and Kiss Me Once. I like it for what it is, I guess?
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  20. People just hate it because there aren't a bunch of poppers o'clock dance songs and she actually took some risks. This debate happens every few pages, every few weeks, every few years, forever.
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